The Future of Hot (HOLO), Chiliz (CHZ) and BitTorrent (BTT): Will They Be Able to Set Records Again?


the altcoin season seen in 2021, Holo (HOT), Chiliz (CHZ) and The BitTorrent Token It allowed many crypto-currencies, such as (BTT), to break the all-time record. Although the fact that crypto currencies such as CHZ have risen up to 60 times has brought serious profits to many investors, it can be said that users caught in the opposite direction at the time of the fall have also suffered serious losses. So what exactly does the future hold for these 3 cryptocurrencies?

Will Holo (HOT) Be Able to Reach Its Old Record?

HOT, which has an incredible investor base in Turkey, broke the all-time record by reaching the level of 0.031 dollars on April 5. This sensational rise of HOT, which was traded at the level of 0.00022 dollars on March 13, lasted only 1 week, and the price continued to decline.

As of now, it is 73% behind the all-time record and it can be said that this is a serious correction. However, the future may be quite bright for YOU. HOT, which has perhaps the most different structure among blockchain networks and is not exactly dec as a blockchain network, continues its work on this issue. After the criticism of Proof-of-Work-based Bitcoin network by names such as Elon Musk, interest in crypto currencies such as HOT may increase further in the future.

Chiliz (CHZ) Is Not Slowing Down in New Initiatives

Also known as the cryptocurrency behind the fan tokens Chiliz (CHZ) was revived with the start of the world cup matches. CHZ, which was negatively affected by the general decline experienced by the crypto currency market, actually achieved the difficult with its record breaking during the coronavirus period.

It can be expected that the price of CHZ will be much more mobile in the coming years as the epidemic loses its pace. Chiliz, which has signed agreements with the world’s largest clubs and even national teams on fan tokens, can please its investors with important developments in 2022.

The Future of BitTorrent

The world’s largest peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent’s crypto currency BTT is also one of the most decisively promising crypto currencies. BTT, which has millions of users and is also integrated into the platform, is currently trading at $ 0.0035.

BTT, which can directly benefit from this as the use of the BitTorrent platform increases, is one step ahead of other crypto currencies with an active use.

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