The famous Ershan Kuneri NFT was Sold for 4 Ethereum (ETH)!


Recently, NFTs have been attracting the attention of famous names as well as the crypto currency ecosystem. At this point, the famous comedian Cem Yilmaz created a wide NFT he found a place on the agenda with his collection.

NFT of Ershan Kuneri

Cem Yılmaz also created an NFT collection for his new series Erşan Kuneri and stated that he would watch the series together with the person who bought a special NFT of this collection, Erşan Kuneri 00. Cem Yilmaz, The NFT owner stated that he could bring 3 friends with him.

For several days, especially the NFT ecosystem has been eagerly waiting for who will receive this particular NFT. The person who bought Ershan Kuneri 00 became Squanch, one of the popular names of the Turkish crypto currency ecosystem. According to the information obtained, Squanch became the owner of Kuneri 00, which reached 4 ETH. According to current figures, the value of this NFT at the moment is approximately $ 16,000…

Cem Yilmaz’s NFT Collection

Parts of Cem Yilmaz’s NFT collection are still OpenSeait is also on sale. So if you are also interested, there is still a chance that you will have one of these parts. In addition, Cem Yilmaz previously said, “Friends who have any color of these icons that I offer as OCTOBERFT have received invitations for 2 people to my shows whenever they want.” he had included his statements.

In fact, thus NFTwe see that the ’s have evolved into different use cases by going beyond just taking pictures. It is expected that these use cases will increase in the future and that NFTs will adapt to our lives.

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