The Famous Analyst Pointed Out These 5 Altcoins For the Month of November! It Should Be Followed


Popular crypto strategist and trader Michaël van de Poppe, Here are five that show bullish potential to be considered for November altcoin‘i shared it with my followers.

The Famous Analyst Pointed Out These 5 Altcoins

Van de Poppe, who shared his predictions for November at a new strategy session, told his 139,000 YouTube subscribers that 5 altcoinhe noted that he could perform beautifully in November.

The first interoperable blockchain on the Van de Poppe list Polkadot‘a(DOT) he gave space to. The analyst said that Polkadot is closely monitoring the price movement.

According to the crypto analyst, Polkadot continues to print HH and HL on the daily chart, while Bitcoin (DOT/BTC) it continues its upward trend against the.

Polkadot, I think that as long as we stay above this 0.00056 BTC ($33.83) area, we can flip this high (0.00085 BTC or $51.34) and continue to move higher.”

Van de Poppe, who uses the Fibonacci extension tool, noted that the next DOT/BTC bullish target is worth $ 60.40, that is, around 0.001 BTC.

The second place in the analyst’s list is occupied by a project aimed at becoming the “Blockchain Internet The Cosmos (ATOM), include. The crypto strategist believes that in the Bitcoin pair (ATOM/BTC) He highlighted three potential entry points for Cosmos.

According to Van de Poppe, the ATOM may try new peaks in November next year.

Curve (CRV) Can Start a Big Rally

Another cryptocurrency on Van de Poppe’s radar is, stablecoin focused decentralized exchange Curve Financethe governance token of Curve (CRV) it happened. According to Van dec Poppe, the Curve has been trading in a wide range from 0.000036 BTC to 0.000086 BTC (december 2.17 and $5.19) for almost a year.

However, the crypto analyst noted that a break-up that could occur in this december would ignite a major rally that could push the price to the value of $ 13.29.

Decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINKED), which the analyst ranks as the fourth cryptocurrency on the list. Van de Poppe said that although LINK has undergone a deep correction against Bitcoin (LINK/BTC), the cryptocurrency still needs to be closely monitored.

“Given the heavy correction that Chainlink is still doing this year and has not yet shown much strength, and Defi (decentralized finance) will probably wake up, this will provide a great opportunity.”

Finally, the famous analyst, a platform that indexes and edits blockchain data, The Graphhe’s checking out the. Van de Poppe believes that if Graph retains support for 0.00013 BTC, Bitcoin (GRT/BTC) he said he could draw a bottom against it.

“We are looking for a higher bottom here, and if this happens, this whole trend will be reversed.”

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