The Famous Analyst Made History For Cardano! He Expects a Big Increase


Widely followed cryptocurrency analyst Benjamin Cowen, Cardano (NAME), anticipating a potential increase towards new highs for the.

The Famous Analyst Expects an Increase in Cardano (ADA

He is popular in a new video he posted altcoinCardano sharing his predictions about the famous analyst Cowen, he told his 561,000 YouTube subscribers that he thinks ADA will exhibit horizontal movement for a while after rising from the 2020 low of $ 0.02 to $ 2.50, and then start a new increase.

“After a crazy act NAME that’s what we expected it to be for. And in order for the cycle to last longer, it is normal for a consolidation phase to take place.”

As for when the next increase will begin, Cowan, Cardanonovember March, he expects to move some time between mid-November and mid-March Dec.

“Considering how long this stage of accumulation may take, if I had to speculate suspiciously, I would say that the increase on the ISLAND will probably begin somewhere in this region. March November to mid-March, this is somewhere in between.”

However, Cowen, NAMEbefore starting another rally of, Bitcoin‘earth (BTC) he emphasizes that it should continue to hold the line above the 20-week moving average. He suggests that November could be the month Cardano will start the rally.

“If you look at what happened last year, NAME November is out of the bull market support band by mid to late November… So, the best case scenario is that if Bitcoin continues to recover after holding the 20-week moving average, perhaps mid-November is the earliest time we can see a rally take place.”

ISLAND Current Status

Popular altcoin looking at the weekly and daily chart, it continues to increase overall. So much so that the ISLAND has experienced an increase of 6.28% in the last 1 week and an increase of 2.83% in the last 24 hours.

The 4th largest. the popular altcoin, which is a cryptocurrency Cardano according to CoinMarketCap data, as of the moment the content was written, it continues to be traded at the level of 2.29 dollars.

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