The Famous Analyst Announced the Forecasts of the “Peak Price” For 8 Popular Crypto Currencies


The total value of the crypto currency market has recently reached the level of $ 2 trillion. Bitcoin’s (BTC) after reaching the value of $ 1 trillion, the market has become lush again, although there has been consolidation for some time.

The Famous Analyst Made a Price Forecast For 8 Crypto Currencies

The leading crypto currency has been experiencing a slight decline over the past 24 hours, which has disrupted the rise that has been going on for almost 4 days. Despite this, the famous crypto currency analyst Michael van de Poppe has published peak forecasts for a total of 8 crypto currencies, including BTC.

The famous analyst who does not mislead with Bitcoin predictions Michael van de Poppe, at the end of this rally of the leading cryptocurrency $ 350,000 and $ 450,000 he stated that it could come to a level between dec. Ethereum the analyst pointed to the levels of $ 10,000 to $ 17,500 for, Polkadot (DOT) for December, he thinks that the range of $ 250 to $ 350 is possible.

LINK, ADA, ZIL, ELRND and DIA Analysis

October addition to Poppe’s BTC, ETH and DOT forecast Chainlink (LINKED), Cardano (NAME), Zilliqa (TONE); Elrond (ELRND) and SLIDE it seems that he also made his prediction. The price forecasts put forward by the analyst as “some may remain light” are as follows:

  • Chainlink: the range of 250 – 350 dollars december
  • Cardano: the range of 10 – 20 dollars december
  • Zilliqa: the range of December 5 – 7
  • Elrond: the december of 500 – 750 dollars
  • SLIDE: the range of 50 – 75 December.

In the minutes that the analyst estimates, it seems that the crypto currency sector is generally experiencing a decline. It can be seen that there has been a 6.2% decline in 1 hour with this general decrease in the HOT price, which has recently broken a record on a record.

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