The DeFi Protocol Operated at BSC has Been Hacked! The Price has Crashed!


Based on Binance Smart Chain DeFi the protocol Pancake Hunny, it was attacked by a flash loan. HUNNY the incredible decline was reflected in the charts as it fell from the 0.31 dollar levels to the 0.10 dollar.

Pancake Hunny Gets Attacked by Flash Loan

Introducing itself as a definition platform Pancake Hunny, is a yield optimizer. We set out to offer one of the highest returns in the field of fashion HUNNY, codes and smart contracts are audited by CertiK, one of the most reputable blockchain audit firms. In addition, an ecosystem has been developed with Certik Skynet and Certik Shield.

According to media reports today, Pancake Hunny was attacked by a flash loan. HUNNY, which recorded a decline of over 200% after the attack, is showing signs of recovery. HUNNY the sudden drop caused investors to panic as the price fell from the 0.30 dollar levels to the 0.10 dollar.

Flash Loan their attack was a common attack situation in the fashion show sector. Flash loan is a credit mechanism that fits many transactions in 15 seconds in the world of DeFi. This method is often manipulated by hackers.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance, recently Binance Smart Chainhe announced that he would make a $ 1 billion investment in . the investment of $ 1 billion was noted as an important step towards the adoption of the crypto currency market. In addition, it was promised to support DeFi projects and help developers at the maximum level.

This step of the BSC doubled the interest in projects on the network and potentially raised expectations. Even Centric Swaps, attracting attention with a 1,000% increase in a short time BSC it had been an altcoin based on. Taking advantage of the new partnership agreements signed and the adoption of Binance Smart Chain, CNS exhibited a price increase movement of over 1.000% in a 48-hour period.

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