The DeFi Attack Caused This Token Price to Crash to the Ground! The Deep Decline Could Not Be Stopped


In the latest update recorded by Visor Finance, investors became victims of attacks. Visor published its report on the attack and said that a new token will be released soon to replace the stolen VISR.

VISR Token Price Has Fallen Deeply

After the recorded attack VISR its price has hit rock bottom with a downward movement of over 95%. According to CoinGecko data, VISR is trading at $0.029 as of the time of this writing. Given the unfortunate decline of Visor Finance’s new token, VISR will be replaced with a different token to avoid confusion.

Also the company DEXIn order to ensure visibility and recognition by merchants and wallets, it has started the process of listing several platofrms for its new token. In October, the company warned not to buy the old VISR token instead of a downgrade, as it will not be redeemable for the new token. To explain exactly what the company is trying to do is replace the VISR token symbol with a new one.

Report Records

All tokenomics will remain the same and vVISR there will be a redemption of 1:1 with the new token, including those recorded in his contract and Tokemak. The viewfinder vVISR contract, which will revise the defective stake contract, has become the center of the attack with the disadvantages in the contract that allow hackers to re-enter and print more vVISR tokens, making unlimited printing possible.

On the other hand, Visor’s correction plan includes making changes to the previously defective stake agreement. This time it ensures that it is not based on a contract provided by the user in order to implement the necessary transfer function.

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