The Chinese Specialist’s Fashion Show Application Has Raised $ 25 Million!


Despite the bans, the crypto-oriented work of Chinese experts continues at full throttle. in 2018, Decan, co-founded by Chinese R&D specialist Tang Hongbo, announced that it had raised $ 25 million in its latest investment round. So why are decentralized finance projects receiving so much attention?

What is DeBank?

co-founded in dec018 by Chinese R&D specialist Tang Hongbo DeBank, allowing users to monitor 798 protocols across 17 chains. Decentralized finance (DeFi) DeBank, a cryptocurrency wallet focused on its solutions, has successfully completed the latest round of financing led by the large venture capital firm Sequoia China.

With the $25 million raised, DEBANK’s total valuation reached $200 million. Apart from Sequoia China, major crypto investment firms such as Dragonfly, Hash Global and Youbi took part in the financing round. Coinbase Ventures, he contributed to DEBANK’s investment round in its exchange, stablecoin provider Circle, and hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger.

DeBank, decentralized applications, exchanges (DEX) and DeFi it is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to track DeFi data, including interest rates. In addition, it allows users to navigate and manage various DeFi assets and projects. The platform includes analytical data for decentralized lending protocols, stablecoins, margin trading platforms and others.

Ethereum, It is allowed to monitor 798 protocols in 17 chains, such as BSC, Polygon, Phantom, Avalanche. DeBank, was co-founded in 2018 by Chinese research and development expert Tang Hongbo. According to his LinkedIn profile, the manager lives in the Jing’an district of Shanghai.

Interest in Decentralized Finance Will Increase!

The coming year will be challenging for crypto currency investors in many parts of the world. Many states, including the USA crypto currency he works on their regulation. 2022, the year when the largely regulatory framework will be formed and put into practice, is already scaring crypto currency investors.

Tomorrow PARLIAMENTthe crypto currency regulation, which will be discussed in the, is also causing Turkish investors to look for alternative ways already. According to the draft texts shared on social media, the bill that will come to parliament will cover many prohibitions. For example, the outflow and inflow of money from global exchanges to local exchanges will be monitored and, depending on some conditions, banned. Although it is not as strict as the bans experienced by Chinese citizens this year, investors believe that the most common use of DeFi.

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