The Call for “Decentralized Finance” from the Australian Senator: It Can Offer Incredible Opportunities!


Senator Jane Hume has stated that decentralized finance (DeFi) offers Australia the opportunity to be a pioneer in “innovation and economic progress”.

A “DeFi” Call from Senator Hume

Monday November 22, Australian Senator Hume spoke at the Australian Financial Review Super & Wealth Summit in Sydney. The conference in question was about state pension funds. Senator Hume, “DeFi”it is not a fashion,” he said, calling on the Australian government to be cautious.

Referring to the rapid pace of the industry, the senator expressed that opportunities should not be missed in this area:

“Decentralized finance, powered by blockchain technology, will provide incredible opportunities. With unclear concerns, opportunities here should not be missed.”

Senator Hume, who emphasized the importance of innovation and developing technology, blockchain he congratulated a number of financial institutions, including the Commonwealth Bank, for the steps they have taken to adapt to innovations in the field of technology.

Regulators Are Continuing Their Work

Finder’s crypto survey with 27,400 respondents found that an average of 17% of Australians cryptocurrency his unit has concluded that he made the investment. However, recently, crypto assets have also attracted the arrows of criticism from a number of regulators in the country.

The senate committee of the pro-crypto Senator Andrew Bragg last month published the “crypto report”, which is aimed at addressing key issues related to the cryptocurrency sector and makes 12 recommendations. Bragg said the recommendations in the aforementioned report will allow Australia to compete with leading jurisdictions for the blockchain and crypto industries, including Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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