The Analyst Explained: These 5 Metaverse Coins Could Mark the Year 2022!


2022 of the year the metaverse it is thought that it will be the year, and therefore it is thought that metaverse-based crypto currencies can get big increases. At this point, CryptoStache, one of the popular crypto YouTube channels of the market, is sharing 5 altcoins with its followers, which it thinks may experience a big increase in 2022.

Vulcan Forged (PYR)

The first cryptocurrency on the analyst’s list Vulcan Forged (PYR). Vulcan Forged can be described as a blockchain game studio and NFT sunday. Vulcan Forged was designed by the makers of VULCANVERSE.

According to the statements made, Vulcan Farged is a product available on Ethereum and Polygon. It is especially noteworthy that the creators of PYR, a game-oriented metaverse token, have experience.

The players are in the game, then PYRhe earns LAVA tokens, which can be converted to. In addition, PYR’s staking is also october. According to the analyst, PYR has the potential to experience a great adoption and therefore an increase in 2022.


Analyst RFOXhe also thinks that it should be followed in 2022. The local crypto currency of the Rfox project, RFOX, also comes across as a metaverse-based crypto currency.

The RFOX and RFOX Finance (VFOX) tokens work decently. According to the statements made, RFOX is a product that is available in multiple chains such as Binance Smart Chain and WAX and is really focused on digital economies. The project is building the RFOX vaults, which is a commercial and individually oriented metaverse. according to the analyst, it is quite important that the project focuses on both the individual and the commercial metaverse.

Besides that, RFOX and VFOX work in different ways. While RFOX is a utility token, VFOX comes across as a cryptocurrency exclusive to Rfox vaults.

Axie Infinity (AXS)

The third altcoin mentioned by the analyst is Axie Infinity (AXS), which can be described as a blockchain-based war game that is partially dominated by players. Axie Infinity is one of the most popular play to earn games with more than a million players.

There is also an NFT marketplace on the platform where players can buy and sell AXS. In addition, AXS can also be used to collect new tokens called ROn. AXS is already a well-known token, but the analyst believes that in 2022 AXShe thinks he can see much higher levels of .

Mist (MIST)

The next altcoin on the list is Mist (MIST), Described in BSC as an NFT role-playing game, offering users the ability to easily exchange in-game assets without any intermediaries.

The Mist team is building a proprietary game engine that complements BSC as a blockchain and is built through unity. That’s why they call it the ”Mist frame”. According to the statements made, this will not only power the game, but also other games on the platform. In addition, thus, the MIST token will also be included in the game. According to the analyst MIST the token can make its investor laugh in 2022.


The last metaverse altcoin on the list TCG World (TCGCOIN). It is of interest to the analyst that the metaverse project, which will be included in the Binance Smart Chain, has plans to switch to a multi-chain. The analyst says that TGC is one of the largest metaverse projects ever and notes that users can earn tokens in-game.

In addition, according to the statements made, the platform offers its users an ecosystem where they can mine in TCG World and earn TCGCOIN from different nodes. In addition, according to the analyst, they have remarkable partnerships. In 2022, the analyst TCGCOINhe says that he expects an increase of up to 10 times.

The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.

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