The Amazing SHIB and Doge Post from Elon Musk! What Does It Mean?


Billionaire businessman Elon Musk, he drew attention back to himself with a share he made on Twitter during the day. Musk “Seven Steps Verse He surprised his followers by tweeting a famous Chinese poem called “.

Is Elon Musk Referring to Shiba Inu?

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk, shared a new tweet earlier in the day. Elon Musk’s tweet this time included a famous Chinese poem, “Seven Steps Verse”.

Some of them, along with this share of Musk, Dogecoin and the two largest crypto-currencies are Shiba Inuhe believes that it refers to the brewing feud between the defenders of Dec.

The poem tells the story of Cao Pi, the founder of the Wei dynasty, who became increasingly suspicious of his brother Cao Zhi and forced him to write a poem to prove his innocence.

Cao Pi, after listening to the poem ”Seven Steps Verse”, was overwhelmed with emotions and decided to forgive his younger brother. However, Cao Pi’s rank was demoted despite the fact that he spared Cao Zhi.

The famous ancient poem uses stems and beans that share the same root as an extended metaphor for siblings with the same parent.

The beanstalk, which is used to boil beans, shows how destructive the internal conflict is.

The “Seven Steps Verse” poem tweeted by Elon Musk reads as follows;

To boil the beans, the bean stalk is ignited,
The beans in the pot are crying.
We were born from the same root,
Why should we burn each other so impatiently?

Shiba Inu Left Dogecoin Behind!

Musk responded to his tweet, which raises theories about what the poem might actually be referring to, by saying, “Humankind” he gave his name.

Last week, Shiba Inu for the first time the original joke (meme) is cryptocurrency Dogecoinhe passed the. This situation has escalated the dec between the two communities. Musk, the biggest Dogecoin Shiba Inu faced the wrath of his fans after tweeting that he had nothing to do with his knockout.

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