The 15 Most Popular Polkadot (DOT) Projects! By December, Prices May Soar!


The long-awaited parachain auctions are finally opening. Of course this is the case Polkadot (DOT) which will trigger its ecosystem to grow at a much faster rate. The most successful projects that have been working in the Kusama test network for a long time are directly Polkadot (DOT) they will be able to get their own parachain from the network. So what are the most popular and high-potential projects in the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem? We’re taking a look at this today.

Standard Tokenization Protocol (STPT)

His best performance in recent Standard Tokenization Protocol (STPT) it showed, so it’s at the top of the list STPT are available. The project, which has risen by close to 150% in the last 5 weeks, has exceeded the market value of 170 million. At the time of writing, it continues to find buyers at $ 0.14. The Standard Tokenization Protocol, which has a maximum supply of 1.9 billion (STPT) for now, it has put 63% of it into circulation.

Who is doing serious work for the DeFi ecosystem STPT it aims to facilitate crypto access for more investors. It offers access to multi-chain financial products between different blockchains dec excessive collateral or high bridge fees. So it’s cheap, practical and easy. With the growth of the DeFi ecosystem, it can be expected that the need for the Standard Tokenization Protocol (STPT) will increase.

The Most Popular Polkadot (DOT) Projects

Polkadot (DOT) there are a lot of projects in its ecosystem. We will not touch on all of this today. But we are considering 15 projects that are the most respected and have the highest market value. There are also different projects that are not written here, but are successful.

Centrifuge (CFG)

Blockchain it allows you to transfer invoices, checks and anything you can think of to your world. Any thing you want Centrifuge (CFG) you can quickly access it here by transferring it to your network. For example, if you are a trademark registrar, you can also keep copyright and trademark rights documents here. In the future, it may be extra useful if the public starts blockchain integrated projects. Centrifuge (CFG), which was over $2 at the time of writing, has a market value of $221 million.

Ternoa (CAPS)

Time capsule. It provides a solution for storing your data by encrypting it securely and for a long time. With a total supply of 2.5 billion Ternoa (CAPS) at the time of writing, it was fetching $0.0913. The current market value is over 28 million dollars.

Shadows (DOWS)

With a market value of $ 6.5 million Shadows (DOWS) at the time of writing, it finds buyers at $ 0.26. The token, which has a total supply of 38.4 million, was developed as a solution for trading synthetic assets. It has recently priced above 62%.

NDN Link (NDN)

With a maximum supply of 8 billion NDN Link (NDN) it is only available on the OKEx stock exchange. Since there is only 1 exchange yet, there is a potential for serious pricing in the coming process. The daily trading volume is only 37 thousand dollars.

Engages Network (CELR)

Offering a scaling solution The Celer Network (CELR) it has a market capitalization of about $900 million. Its maximum supply is 10 billion dollars, and 61% of it is in circulation. Binance, it can be traded on a large number of well-known exchanges, such as.

Originrail (TRAC)

The network, which produces solutions for logistics and smart contracts, first started its activities on Ethereum. Its market capitalization is over $ 216 million. At the time of writing, it is finding buyers at $ 0.603 and has recently priced close to 50%.

OptionRoom (ROOM)

It serves as the Oracle protocol. For Oracle requests OAAs generates the solution. Its market value is $ 2 million, and at the time of writing it is finding buyers from $ 0.15. Its maximum supply is 100 million, but 12% of it is in circulation. For now, it’s just and it is traded on several platforms, such as Hotbit.

SpiderDAO (SPDR)

UniSwap and it can be traded on 5 platforms, including Hotbit. Its total supply is 1 billion, and it continues to find buyers from 0,011 dollars. Its market capitalization is close to the $3 million limit and it has a circulation of 232 million tokens.

Convergence (CONV)

It works as a decentralized exchangeable assets protocol. Released on the market on March 25 CONV, Which is also backed by institutional investors such as Divergence Ventures and Kinetic. It achieved the first one with its decentralized structure as an asset exchange protocol.

Kadena (KDA)

It is a crypto currency that can be mined. Kadena (KDA) it is given to miners as a reward. It uses the Proof of Work algorithm and can be purchased from exchanges such as KuCoin, Hoo, Hotbit, Bittrex. Its total supply is 1 billion units, and at the time of writing it finds buyers from 2.19 dollars.

Polkastarter (POLS)

Different blockchain it is a protocol that facilitates the trading of tokens and token pools in their networks. It facilitates the process of financing new and decentralized projects located in various networks. At the time of writing, it finds buyers for $ 2.95. The market value is over 239 million dollars.

In addition to these, it is useful to research projects such as BEPRO, REN and POLK. The Polkadot ecosystem may experience more serious growth as of December.

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