That Crypto Currency, Which Has Increased by 60 Percent, Continues to Climb: What Is the Next Goal?


The cryptocurrency market is going through an important consolidation phase. The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) $45,000, the largest altcoin I ethereu (ETH) it is trading at $3,300 levels. Polkadot(DOT), in the market value ranking by recording a 60% upward performance in the weekly time frame Dogecoin (DOGE) he has deciphered the difference between and.

Is Polkadot (DOT) Ready to Rise?

Despite the withdrawal of the leading crypto currency Bitcoin price, crypto currencies such as Solana, Cardano and Polkadot have performed quite successfully during this period. Polkadot, Ranked in the top ten of the CMC rankings, climbed to ninth place, surpassing the USDC with its recent rise.

Bitcoin’s fall from the $50,000 levels to the $43,000 level in a short time has been recorded as a flash price movement. Despite this withdrawal Solana, Polkadot and Cardano he managed to stay strong. These altcoins, which have pleased their investors with a rapid recovery after a sudden price drop, show a continuation of the upward trend in the coming period.

A competitive sunday in the field of crypto currency is the key to growth through collaborations and development results. Recently, many ecosystems have benefited from this. Polkadot she takes a rather active stance, following trends. PolkaBridge, a decentralized financial application platform combined with the Polygon scaling solution, is the simplest example of this.

However, starting on September 8 Polkadot Hackathon this is one of the important reasons behind the price increase. The DOT price entered an uptrend on September 8 after a sudden retreat. Polkadot, which is recovering fast with an increase of over 40% after a local bottom level of $22, has increased its earnings ratio to 60%.

What Do the Metrics Say?

Polkadot its in-chain activity is booming, mostly due to ecosystem-centric updates and high social volumes from the parachain auction. DOT’s development activity shows stable growth and paints a positive picture in its in-chain data.

According to the famous crypto currency expert Lark Davis, the price of Polkadot can reach 100 dollar levels. Although this seems to be a fairly advanced leap, it will not be a surprise that DOT will achieve this goal in the long run.

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