Tether (USDT) Has Responded to the Investigation Allegations! Last-Minute Claims!


Tether published a quick response to the allegations, which were based on Bloomberg and announced at the last minute in the afternoon. It had been alleged that the US Department of Justice had launched an investigation into the Stablecoin issuer Tether and that USDT officials had been implicated in the fraud.

Tether (USDT) Investigation Claim

The company said earlier in the evening that some mainstream news sites were debunking one of the old claims in the hope of more clicks. So there is no new investigation and there are only allegations that present the old investigations as if they were new ones. The company denies all this and argues that absolutely no investigation has been opened against them recently.

In a statement, Tether says that they warmly welcome cooperation with the US Government and that they will fulfill any conditions requested of them at this point.

The company dec that they have been extremely successful in promoting cooperation between industry and government officials all over the world. Saying that they will continue to grow transparently at the same pace, Tether (USDT) officials reiterate that their customers should not worry.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) jumped back above $39,000 after the Tether (USDT) statements.

The Claim Turned Out to Be a Lie

In an article published by the DOJ earlier in the day, the claim, based on anonymous sources, was also targeted at Tether (USDT). A new investigation was mentioned in the news claiming that company executives were involved in bank fraud by hiding Tether activities.

These allegations soon spread all over the world. All news sites in dozens of different languages shared these old claims that were put forward like a new development. But all this turned out to be a lie a few hours later. Anonymous sources were actually made up to fill out the back of the news.

Tether (USDT) last underwent an investigation in 2019. In this investigation, it was alleged that $850 million in Crypto Capital losses were hidden. The court handed down its verdict for Tether in February, and the company paid for its mistake by paying $18.5 million.

With this news, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) was fixed at $38,000 in the afternoon. However, the crypto currency markets, which breathed a sigh of relief with the announcement that followed, continue to look bullish again.

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