Tether (USDT) Claims That The Accusations Are Unfounded!


Bloomberg is the biggest stablecoin he had raised some allegations about her. Tether (USDT) said Bloomberg’s article was filled with “bizarre anecdotes.” The article published by Bloomberg Tetherexplaining that it intended to harm the, the company denies the allegations. Tether (USDT) he had previously been subject to many criticisms regarding the assets he had shown as collateral.

Claims about Tether (USDT)

One of the claims voiced by Bloomberg is the loans granted to Celsius. According to the article Tether he gave a loan to Celsius worth about $ 1 billion. However, the company is also said to be holding some shares of the Evergrande company, which is about to be sunk, as collateral. The sudden depreciation of the shares also negatively affected the crypto currency markets due to these assumptions.

Old US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin today Tether he argued that all stablecoins, in particular, should be backed by the US dollar. He likened dollar-indexed crypto coins that did not meet these requirements to casino chips. US regulators are already stablecoins he is working on a wide-ranging arrangement for. Future editing of Tether and other stablecoins it can put it in the same status as banks. Of course, companies will draw up some frameworks on mandatory provisions.

The biggest risk threatening the cryptocurrency markets is seen as stablecoins. Markets will be extremely negatively affected if Tether-like assets, which are more dangerous than Chinese bans, are subject to any ban. However, judging by the latest statements, strict rules will be introduced that are far-reaching and protect the investor, rather than a ban. This will ensure the future of both the crypto currency markets and investors.

He Does Not Accept the Claims About Tether (USDT

Firstly, these claims are not accepted by the company and it interprets them as deceptive information received from unreliable sources. The largest stablecoin, whose market capitalization is approaching $ 70 billion, argues that the dollars it prints are backed by real assets.

Printed every three months USDTThe company, which disclosed collateral assets for the ’s, has taken significant steps towards transparency this year. However, these steps are supported by assets that can be converted directly into cash stablecoin he doesn’t confirm that he is. Stocks and various investments make up a significant part of the assets shown as collateral.

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