Swiss-Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Announces Cardano (ADA) Listing


Lykke Corp., which operates the crypto currency exchange Lykee Wallet, Cardano he announced his listing. Users will now be able to trade Cardano on the platform. Cardano aims to stand out with stock market listing doping as it seeks bullish momentum.

Lykke Wallet Has Included Cardano in Its Platform

The Swiss-based Lykke Wallet exchange has launched its popular cryptocurrency Cardano (NAME) he announced that he would list it. With the listing, investors will be able to perform Cardano transactions from the Lykke Wallet platform. Cardano will actively participate in the ADA/BTC, ADA/CHF, ADA/ETH, ADA/GBP and ADA/USD trading pairs on the stock exchange.

This step of Lykke will be taken on September 25-26, 2021 with participants from many parts of the world Cardano Blockchain Summitit came after the. Lykke CEO Richard Olsen Cardano he stated the following about his decision:

With Cardano listing, our users will now be able to perform ADA transactions for free. This step is an important milestone for our growing community. We are inspired by Cardano’s commitment to rigor and excellence in the scientific field. ADA’s presence on our platform is the basis of a deeper partnership.

Cardano Foundation Frederik Gregaard, CEO, evaluates the Lykke stock exchange’s listing move:

The inclusion of Cardano on the Lykke platform will make a significant contribution to the development of global blockchain technology by enabling users to interact with ADA. This step will enrich both the Cardano ecosystem and the blockchain space.

Cardano Service Procedure

Lykke stock exchange NAME in order to perform all operations related to free of charge, the KYC verification process must be completed successfully. However, Lykke is a platform that supports the fiat currencies USD, EUR, CHF and GBP. After the users have transferred fiat currency NAME it can perform all operations related to.

In addition, the Cardano price is trading at October 2.11 as of the time of writing of this article.

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