Stellar (XLM) Is On the Rise With This News! The Project Can Surpass Ripple (XRP)!


Today Stellaria (XLM) signed an agreement with a corporate company. Blockchain security company GK8 who has entered into a cooperation agreement with Stellaria (XLM) may be subject to corporate influx. Currently, banks, financial companies and institutions crypto especially for coins blockchain he shows great interest in their solution.

The Agreement Was Signed

Blockchain cyber security company GK8 along with the agreement he made StellariaLumen it will provide token generation and storage services on its network. According to the announcement made today, GK8, which will work integrated with Stellar, will provide its customers with XLM it will produce many solutions by working in partnership with.

GK8founding partner and CEO Lior Lamesh, the partnership XLMhe said that the allows its institutional investors to “create new revenue streams, digitize assets, trade and convert currency as soon as it is sent”.

First in 2014 XRPborn by separating from XLMblockchain it offers payment solutions based on. He’s already 22. the next XLM has a market capitalization of about $ 10 billion. Which has gained 23% in the last week Stellaria today it has risen by more than 6%.

Stellar (XLM)

A few months ago Cryptocurrency explaining its partnership with GK8, Mastercard he also works in partnership with. Blockchain finally, the company wants to strengthen cooperation in its field Stellar Lumen he entered into a partnership with. Anticipating a further increase in corporate demand, the company wants to produce solutions for the future at an early stage.

Currently, many well-known financial institutions offer crypto currency storage services to their customers and continue to work to provide it. In the year we are in, we have seen a lot of corporate companies doing crypto-focused work. Many giant companies, including Amazon blockchain in order to form its capabilities, it began to employ specialized personnel. He witnessed the bold steps taken by giant financial institutions such as Fidelity. We even have a MicroStrategy that borrows and buys Bitcoin (BTC) like crazy from $35,000 levels.

Of course, he wants to get a share in Stellar (XLM) from this corporate demand. We can conclude the final agreement with this intention. Joining forces with GK8 Stellaria (XLM) with this partnership, more intense corporate interest awaits.

In fact, this corporate interest may even put XLM ahead of XRP, which is struggling with the SEC case.

While all this is being said, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be priced above the 51.000 dollar level, which it has not been able to exceed for a long time.

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