Stablecoins Can Start a Collapse in the Crypto Markets! The Bomb is Ready to Explode!


Almost all transactions in the nominal currency pair are made on the dollar. But when you want to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with dollars Tether so USDT you have to use. Finally, today it is worth $ 1 billion Tether (USDT) it was printed, so is there no end to it? US politicians are focusing too much on this issue and demanding tough regulations, so what awaits us in the future?

Stablecoin Risks

Currently, it is worth $ 68.6 billion on the market USDT are available. Moreover, this supply continues to increase every day. Which has become the backbone of the markets stablecoins and especially USDT this year it has grown 4 times. But everyone has in mind the question of what guarantees are shown in exchange for these printed digital dollars.

The lack of transparency of reserves supporting stablecoins is a serious risk, and crypto assets such as USDT are growing rapidly. This unlimited growth, according to many experts, also entails serious risks. In the future, the steps that regulators will take for stablecoins may seriously hit the markets.

Tether (USDT) and others show little cash collateral against the dollars they print. In other words, there are billions of dollars in the middle, but there is no clear equivalent for it in real life. A significant part of the assets held as collateral are commercial notes and risky assets, of course, a lot of problems will be encountered in a comprehensive investigation that will be opened by the SEC.

The Doomsday Scenario

We all hear the stereotype that banks go down if everyone tries to withdraw their money from the bank. So what will happen if there is a huge collapse in the markets and all people try to cash out? People in their hands USDTwill he be able to withdraw all of the This seems unlikely, since a small part of Tether’s guarantees will be cash, and it will not be able to provide cash flows to the exchanges as much as the entire supply.

With the occurrence of such a crisis, crypto markets may experience a much greater depression period. Moreover, there is a serious distrust of stablecoins that make life easier. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be a problem unless everyone is trying to withdraw money at the same time, but this risk is not to be underestimated.

Many financial regulators on a global scale are worried that the problems that stablecoins will experience will also negatively affect traditional markets. A large number of politicians in America are almost tearing themselves apart to study and regulate this issue.

Of the near future FUDthere will be no u China or environmental concerns. Maybe next year these days SEC and Tether we’ll be talking about the lawsuit fight between Dec. That is why it is worthwhile to be careful and distribute the risk.

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