Sharing the Remarkable Shiba Inu from Robinhood! 500 Thousand Signatures Were Collected


Stocks, exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrenciescalifornia-based American financial services company, known for pioneering the commission-free trading of Robinhoodun, the popular joke currency Shiba Inuwhether to list or not has been on the agenda for a long time.

Sharing the Shiba Inu of Robinhood

Online trading application Robinhood in the multiple choice question on determining the power of crypto money projects, Shiba Inuhe mentioned the.

The question was posted on the stock exchange’s official instagram account as part of the company’s #Robinhoodlearn initiative. Thanks to your followers via Robihood Instagram story“Crypto currency how is the strength of their project determined,” he asked.

Robinhood decried the fact that their followers were asked to choose from three options. Elon Musk and the posh community Shiba Inu and the detail attracted attention.

Robinhood, of course, in a separate tweet crypto currency he explained that his units are as powerful as their community, which consists of owners, developers, miners and other user groups.

The Shiba Community Has Collected 500,000 Signatures

Shiba Inu it was extremely difficult for Robinhood to ignore the fuss of its fans. For the addition of the popular joke currency Shiba Inu to the popular online brokerage platform, a his petition has now garnered 485,000 signatures.

Every tweet sent by Robinhood, SHIB it’s filled with calls for additions.

Proponents of the most popular joke currency argue that the Shiba Inu listing may be a chance for Robinhood. So Robinhood  he recently announced a decrease in crypto activity on the platform in his latest financial report with a statement, and the stock also fell by 8% after the statements.

Robinhood’s crypto trading revenue is mainly Dogecoinattributed to the decrease in interest in , it saw a large decrease of 78% quarter-on-quarter.

Robinhood Is in No Hurry To List SHIB

Despite the enormous demand, Robinhood is taking the time to add Shiba Inu to its trading platform. The company recently began sending a survey to its users by e-mail about purchases of altcoins containing this cryptocurrency.

But the CEO Vlad Tenev, making it clear that the online brokerage firm is in no hurry to list SHIB, citing security concerns:

“I think he’ll go back to safety first. We usually won’t be the first to add a new entity. We want to make sure it passes a number of strict criteria.”

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