RippleNet Will Work Together with QNB Finansbank in Turkey!


RippleNet has signed important agreements with banks in many regions of the world. But the agreement signed today seems to be the most important of all for us. The partnership between Qatar National Bank and RippleNet will launch a new remittance service dec More importantly, Turkey will be at the center of the business.

Ripple and QNB Have Agreed

Carrying out its activities in more than 30 countries on three continents QNB, which had acquired Finansbank in 2015. Who bought the entire 99.81 percent stake of National Bank of Greece in Finansbank for 2.7 billion euros QNB it also provides services with this brand in our country. It is the largest bank in the Gulf Arab region and Africa QNB, blockchain he also pays due attention to his agreements.

RippleNet, which provides significant support to financial institutions on cross-border payments, shares its experience on this issue. International payments are considered extremely lacking in speed and cost. Blockchain with the help of technology, it is possible to make all transfer transactions quite cheaply and quickly. An example of this is the Fast system used in Turkey. Wouldn’t you like to make an instant money transfer as well as payments for the dorm very cheaply?

Turkey Became a Pilot Region

Both sides QNB‘s in Turkey QNB Finansbank and RippleNethe signed an agreement that he would test the. After the necessary studies are completed, QNB will open instant cross-border remittances to its customers around the world.

Heba Al Tamimi, head of QNB’s Retail Banking Group, said;

“We have always tried to provide the best innovation for our customers. Our agreement with Ripple is another step we are taking to provide the best products to our customers”.

QNB with this agreement, it will be one of the first institutions to participate in the innovation in the banking sector.

Rippleof course, this is not the first agreement that the company has made with world giants, the company has signed cooperation agreements with many banks and even central banks. In other words, it provides adaptation services to innovation to traditional financial giants, and at this point, we can say that it has no competitors. Central Bank of Bhutan, Malaysian mobile wallet provider Mobile Money, which is a mobile financial services provider to more than 45 million people in Bangladesh bKash and many more have recently sat down at the table with Ripple.

Rapidly gaining value since April XRP it is quite far from the ile ATH point. SEC Ripple, which will be freed from its chains when its case is concluded, is preparing for those days with big deals.

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