Raoul Pal Announces His Big Ethereum Investment! Why Does He Prefer ETH Over BTC?


Founder and CEO of Real Vision Raoul Pal, how much of his portfolio is Ethereuma dedicated and why Bitcoin He shared with his followers that he prefers ETH instead of (BTC).

Raoul Pal Is Optimistic About Ethereum

The former Goldman Sachs executive made the remarks on Real Vision’s YouTube channel, which has 569,000 subscribers, popular cryptocurrency That Ethereum shows bullish potential, because Ethereum he noted that the money generated in its ecosystem is about 100 times that of the rest of the entire market.

In addition, Raoul Pal argues that a demand shock may come to Ethereum due to various use cases of the leading smart contract platform.

The Real Vision founder made the following statements in his YouTube video;

“[Ethereum] has a limited supply due to the burning of ETH from gas fees. Everyone is staking their assets for ETH 2.0, so you’ve taken the burden off the stock market. After… DeFi(decentralized finance), NFTthere are about 100 billion dollars locked in (non-exchangeable tokens) and in all of them.

11%, all available that you can buy if you enter the market Ethereum‘stop and there’s this demand shock happening right in front of our eyes. There is no such thing in Bitcoin. Yes, there is a supply shock, yes, there is a bit of a demand shock, but Bitcoin does not have the network density that Ethereum has.”

Raoul Pal Dedicates 85% of His Portfolio to Ethereum

Pal, on the other hand, posted on Twitter last week that Ethereum (ETH) after sharing about it, he also announced his massive Ethereum investment.

“At least I am, probably now, I don’t know anymore because I bought some options, as I said in my tweet last night. I’m probably at 85% Ethereum.”

CoinMarketCap’according to data from ten, the second largest crypto asset by market capitalization is trading at $ 4,352.47, an increase of 0.98% in the last 24 hours as of the time of writing of the content. In addition, Ethereum has performed well, experiencing an increase of more than 27% over the past month.

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