Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis: Is the Popular Crypto Currency Close to the Boom?


Popular crypto currencies Polygon (MATIC) by creating a triangle model, you may be approaching a break. Experts expect a potential parabolic price movement in the list of crypto coins MATICit gives place to the. However, important support and resistance points are being touted as the key to the rise.

MATIC Graphics

MATIC continues its initiatives to accelerate the upward trend by creating an ascending triangle formation. This tuesday formation is characterized by an increase of 61%, which is determined by adding the distance between the first high and low oscillation to the decimation point MATIC it can climb up to $ 2.75.

This price movement implies a gain of 80% from the current position. However, in order to confirm this rally, there is a condition that the $ 1.71 level will be exceeded with a strong momentum. retesting the 1.71 dollar barrier as a support ground, acting as a secondary confirmation MATIC it will confirm the beginning of a new upward trend for its price.

Participants of the crypto currency market, Polygon in order for the bulls to have a chance to break the all-time high of $ 2.75, the resistance point located at $ 2.21 must be broken. On the other hand, it is expected that the MATIC price will follow a 14% upward movement to break the $1.71 barrier. If this initiative is rejected, retractions can be recorded up to the 1.21 dollar slope line of the rising triangle. Continuation of downward price movement MATIC its price may fall to the critically touted support point of $ 1.01.

MATIC Price Performance

Popular crypto currencies MATIC, It was trading at $0.017 on January 1, 2021. Which recorded a 294.000 percent rise in a short time MATIC, it is among the crypto coins that experts expect to continue dec increase movement. As of the moment of writing this article, MATIC is trading at $1.48.

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