Polkadot (DOT) is Rising and Bitcoin (BTC) is at the Critical Threshold! Current Market Outlook!


The weekly close is hours away and Bitcoin (BTC) he continues his fight for $46,000. Some of the altcoins made serious rises over the weekend. Polkadot (DOT) today, he has earned over 10% on his investor. So what awaits us in the new week? Bitcoin (BTC) will he be able to see the $50,000 again?

Bitcoin (BTC)

The price, which managed to rise above $ 46,000 during the day, could not maintain the critical level because it was rejected from here. At the moment, he continues to make between 45,800 and 46,100 dollars a dec. The sales that continued on Friday had an impact all weekend. In particular, the mind-boggling sale that took place on September 7 continues to make investors nervous.

The 200-day moving average of $45,500 for the price remains in position for now. However, the fact that the weekly close is below this level may cause us to wake up to a redder market tomorrow. Many analysts do not rule out the possibility that the price could decelerate to $ 38,000. In case of such a situation, we may not see the 50,000 dollar again in September.

PlanB maintains its six-digit Bitcoin price target for the end of the year according to its own modeling. The analyst, who published a survey to get an idea from his thousands of followers, confirmed that those who follow him also mostly agree.

Polkadot (DOT)

The top of the altcoins that were profitable over the weekend Polkadot (DOT) he’s coming. The price, which has increased from about $ 28 to $ 35, continues to rise regardless of Bitcoin. DOT its investors made gains of more than 13% today.

The critical level is $ 37, and the buyer’s decimation of this point opens the door to an uptrend that can continue to $ 41 and $52. The current price is extremely good, and all the moving averages indicate that the rise may continue. RSI this also needs to be strictly monitored in order to have an idea of the direction of the price, which is currently close to the neutral level.

At the beginning of the most important supports is the 29-30 dollar zone. The fact that the price closes below this level indicates that the upward trend has been broken, albeit for a short time. For the rise to continue Polkadot (DOT) the price should remain above $ 33.40.

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