PlanB: Stock-To-Flow Works Like Clockwork!


Bitcoin priceanalysts and investors who have kept their year-end targets high since the increase are satisfied with the situation. That being said BTC forecasts that the $ 100,000, which is seen as the first target for 2021, will also be seen before the end of 2021, are becoming more dominant every day.

“It Works Like Clockwork”

Bitcoin perhaps the most confident among the analysts who made a forecast of $ 100,000 for Plan Dec. In his recent statements, PlanB once again stated that Bitcoin is on its way to becoming $ 100,000 before the end of 2021.

Stock-to-flow the analyst Plan, the name behind the model named and known for this model, is closely monitoring the price of Bitcoin. In a post on November 2nd, the Dutch investment expert also stated that the stock-to-flow model for the leading crypto currency “works like clockwork”.

October September, the PlanB had correctly predicted that Bitcoin would close the month of August with $47,000 and September with $43,000. PLANB’s October estimate was $63,000. With a very small deviation, PlanB also approached this goal, and BTC closed the month with $ 61,000.

November December Forecasts

According to analyst’s estimates the leading cryptocurrency December November will close with $98,000 and December with $135,000. If the analyst’s forecasts come true, BTC should more than double the increase in two months.

In addition, BTC has risen again today and the price has risen above October 63,000, which is a significant level.

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