OpenSea Makes It Easier for NFT Enthusiasts: The Watchlist Feature Has Been Added, How Is It Used?


There is also a huge increase in interest in these burning NFT sunday places when NFTs become popular. Herein OpenSea and platforms such as Rare are gaining attention and are constantly improving themselves, adding new features. Finally, OpenSea has come up with a feature that will make it very easy for users to do their job.

OpenSea Watchlist Feature

According to the latest information obtained from OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, has added the watchlist feature. Thanks to this feature, users will now be able to add the NFT collections they want to track to the watchlist, that is, to the watchlist, so that instant tracking and comparisons can be made.

The user who wants to create his own watch list should first go to the page of the collection he is interested in. Then, you can add the collection you are interested in to your own watch list by using the newly added “add to watchlist” button next to the collection icon.

In addition, users can view their own watch lists by going to the profile october located in the upper right corner of the page in the drop-down menu “watchlist”i can proceed by selecting it. Here’s what you’ve been tracking before NFT you can see their collection.

What Will the Watch List Offer?

According to statements made by OpenSea, users can now watchlist thanks to it, he will be able to see all the NFT collections they follow in one place. In October, watchlist will also be provided with the following data regarding the project:

  • Base price (floor price)
  • The volume of the last 7 days
  • Price change in the last 24 hours
  • How many people bought the collection
  • Number of pieces in the collection

How we track cryptocurrencies and create our own watch lists CoinMarketCap if platforms such as these are very useful to us, it seems that this feature that OpenSea has just added will also be of great use to NFT enthusiasts.

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