Nike Is Taking Action For the Metaverse! The Transformation Race of the World’s Giants has Begun!


Facebook gave the start and soon after Microsoft he made an important statement. And now Nike the metaverse embarked on. Aside from the company’s problems with the supply of physical shoes, it seems that it has taken its place in the digital transformation race. Manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing Nike, working on virtual materials featuring its iconic logo and slogan.

Nike and the Metaverse

According to the records filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Nike, entertainment services, retail stores, and applied for the slogan “just do it” to be used in virtual products for “online” use. These applications are also followed by job openings opened by the company. The company will employ specialists who can design virtual products.

Nike is committed to helping potential employees “redefine our digital world and the metaverse he says that he will play a key role in moving to his transformation”. It is understood that in order to create virtual shoes and other products, the company has created a Digital Product Creation group, and the people who will be employed will be assigned here.

Facebook said Thursday it will create a virtual environment that connects online social experiences to the physical world. After that, many companies began to disclose their projects in this area.

Although it seems that Nike is just stepping on the gas in 2019 Ethereum (ETH) in the network CryptoKicks he had obtained a patent for tokenizing his shoes. Its competitor Sneaker brand is already RTFKT Studios with it, he began to produce both virtual and real shoes.

Giants Focus on the Technology of the Future

VR we have been familiar with his glasses for many years. However, in 2009 Google Glass it was the first time he had been seen. After that, it failed due to its price and lack of advertising planning. But the metaverse, VR it promises something much more than glasses.

Especially the structure that giant brands such as Facebook are aiming to create will turn social media into something completely different. You will be able to find yourself playing games with friends at a real okey table. Moreover, you will not have to get up from your seat at home while doing this. Or an event will be held, people will be able to have fun, get informed or protest something by gathering digitally in this event space. You will be able to tell the sarcastic messages or post comments you have shared on your Facebook wall directly to the face of your interlocutors. You can reproduce these examples as many times as you like. As long as you haven’t lost your imagination.

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