NFT: It Will Create Permanent Business Models For Artists! The NFT Sunday in the Coming Period!


The NFTs, which have experienced a big boom this year, are not only in the focus of those who want to capture high profits in the short term. Artists also began to build their own business models on NFT. Moreover, we can show successful examples of this from Turkey. Selçuk Erdem’s Fluffy Polar Bears collection and Cem Yılmaz’s works come across as successful examples.

NFTs That Have Entered Our Lives

NFTit can be argued that the has been a concept since 2012. For example, in 2012, “Colored Coins” was launched, and NFTthe foundations of the were laid. CryptoKitties, in 2017, by Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt, “the first time that users can collect and produce digital kittens Ethereum it has been described as a ”decentralized Pokemon-like game”.

NFT its sales exceeded $ 2.5 billion in the first half of 2021, revealing the potential of a seemingly new business model for digital creators. Again this year it is popular for many investors to be able to earn more NFT he invested in his collections.

Co-founder of TREETRUNK and ConsenSys John Wolpert, Mesh’s head of research and development, says the following.

NFTthere is a lot of money that can be earned from , but how do we see it? NFTif we see the ’s as stocks, we may not really care about artists and works of art”.

According to Wolpert, there is no serious business model behind many collections. As the foam of these NFT initiatives disappears, real initiatives will appear more and more.

Copyright and NFT

Artists NFT his focused work distributes part of the secondary royalties to all owners. We can see this more like an investment contract. In March, Hester Peirce, a commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the ”Crypto Mother”, considers NFTs created by artists to be investment products in a similar way.

But, NFTit is still too early to determine whether the ‘s will immediately become securities, but it is clear that it also needs legal regulations.

Head of financial relations of the Iota Foundation Dan Simerman he said these things.

Blockchain with its technology, it is possible for all digital ‘things’ to earn returns and royalties, so we probably need to reconsider what it means to be a security or earn royalties”.

Copyrights aside, ensuring the integrity of NFTs is an important issue that needs to be solved before determining the structure of a permanent business model. TreeTrunk While NFTs use zero-knowledge evidence based on the Basic Protocol standard to ensure authenticity, other sunday places are taking different approaches.

If you have never made an NFT investment so far, or if you are only making money-making investments, you should also look at NFTs from this point of view. NFTthe business model of the is still early, and we are seeing many experiments. Yet it has been a game changer for thousands of people right now. In the near future NFT’s will get a lot more space in our lives.

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