New Development in the SEC-XRP Case: The SEC Will Answer Ripple’s Questions!


According to the latest information obtained, Magistrate Judge Sarah Netburn has ordered the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to respond to some of Ripple’s questions.

Answers Have Been Requested from the SEC

According to recent statements made by Netburn, in order to determine whether the claims raised by the US Securities and Exchange Commission can be supported by the facts Ripplehe came to the decision that he should answer some of the questions that he persistently asked.

In this case, the SEC, Ripple XRP he will need to explain why his sales are in the position of an investment contract. In the statements made at this point,, “The SEC’s legal theory is not an excuse to refrain from responding to the defendants’ factual inquiries. It is also not a basis for answering a different question than the one being asked.” his words were used.

In addition, the SEC october that Ripple’s moves XRP pricehe will also have to indicate whether he believes it is the key to increasing ni. But Ripple’s query about whether the XRP Ledger was fully functional before the start of the securities offering was rejected because it was too vague.

All Questions Cannot be Answered

Netburn also got the SEC to take action for a protective order, which allowed the regulatory agency not to respond to all “unreasonably burdensome” inquiries from Ripple. The DEC claimed that it would take 104 days without any breaks and without sleep to satisfy all 29,947 requests.

In addition to these, earlier this week the court october, Rippledespite the objections of , he also accepted the SEC’s motion to extend the date of expert discovery to January 14, 2022.

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