New Development in Favor of Ripple (XRP)! Victory Over the SEC!


For a long time, the issue of involvement of XRP investors in the case was being discussed. In response to this request, the SEC threatened Ripple and its investors and asked them to stay away from such actions so that the process would not be extended. Federal Judge Analisa Torres has made an important decision on this issue.

New Developments in the Ripple Case

Federal Judge Analisa Torres, XRP he refused the owners’ requests to get involved in the case. But as amici curiae (Latin: “friends of the court”), he will also be able to contribute to the process. That is, they will be able to make briefing presentations to influence the court’s decision.

Ripple Labs Lawyer James Blah and others had previously strongly insisted that these investors be involved in the case. SECconsidering that it will be taken back after the threat of the, the development that took place today pleased investors.

In March, the same request, which had not been studied well enough, was sent to the court again. This aspect, which was not accepted at that time, was finally approved, albeit partially. From the Deaton Law Firm, which is leading the effort to bring the XRP community into Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC Solicitor John Deaton, claiming that individuals and businesses were harmed by the lawsuit.

Ripple (XRP)

With the opening of global markets in the evening, the decline finally stopped. Bitcoin (BTC) it has reached the 49,500 limit again and is now over $49,000. Ripple managed to stay above the critical support level of $1.03 despite the decline.

We can’t say that the price, which went up to $ 1.08 for the day, priced the latest news very well. On the four-hour chart MACD it is still negative and RSI it stands close to the neutral zone. Sales pressure has not decreased, Stoch RSI it is located very close to the oversold zone.

Bitcoin (BTC) the 1.03 dollar support will be closely monitored depending on price movements. If the price hangs from here, it will be below $ 1 again XRP we can see. However, in order for us to experience such a negative scenario, Bitcoin may need to fall below $ 46,500. At the moment, this seems unlikely.

XRP it had seen its last major peak this year with $ 1.96 in April. But even this figure was quite far from the ATH point.

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