MicroStrategy is Increasing Its Bitcoin Assets! 3. It Received About 9,000 More Bitcoins (BTC) in the Quarter


According to the quarterly financial results, MicroStrategy, the 3rd of 2021. quarter Bitcoin assets 8.957 BTC it has increased. As part of its corporate strategy, the company has been intensively Bitcoinhe stated that he would continue to focus on ‘

MicroStrategy Increases the Number of Bitcoins to 114,042

MicroStrategy, released its financial results for the third quarter of 2021 on October 28. Published results show that the company’s total Bitcoin he reveals that he has increased his assets by 8,957. As of the moment the content was written, the leader cryptocurrency While Bitcoin is trading at $ 61,134, this addition made by the company is equivalent to $ 548.68 million.

On the other hand, the company’s total revenue stands at $ 128 million, which is a slight increase year-on-year. Outside of the Bitcoin strategy, MicroStrategy is gradually increasing its demand for enterprise analytics.

The company noted that the addition of the third quarter BTC it was purchased at an average cost of $46,876 per share and roughly $420 million, he said. This represents a profit of about $ 130 million when looking at the current price.

MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin its presence is the 3rd of 2021. as of the quarter, it is 114.042 BTC. As of the moment the content is being prepared, the total value of Bitcoins is equal to $ 6.9 billion.

In october, MicroStrategy, The Bitcoin community it will be aimed at providing leadership between dec. So much so that MicroStrategy is already doing this to a certain extent at the moment. The CEO Of The Company Michael Saylor he has focused on promoting green energy solutions, especially for Bitcoin mining.Yesilmaz

The Leading Bitcoin Investment Company: MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy was once the leader crypto the currency used to ignore Bitcoin, but that has changed in the last two years. The company has established a fairly deep connection with Bitcoin and is currently one of the strongest established enterprises decrying its existence. To put the conviction in context, Bitcoin assets have almost tripled since the third quarter of 2020, from 38,250 to 114,042.

During the earnings conference call, Saylor said that the company Bitcoin he doubled down on his strategy and described it as a big long-term investment. He also pointed to Square’s Cash App and the tip feature on Twitter as examples of how Bitcoin will affect end users.

In addition to constantly buying Bitcoins, Saylor is also part of the Bitcoin Mining Council, a committee dedicated to improving the sustainability of the application. It is clear that MicroStrategy and Saylor will not back down from the asset, which it considers better than gold.

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