Microsoft Has Debuted the Game! The Name Metaverse Has Arrived from the Giant Company!


Just a few days after Microsoft rebranded Facebook as Meta in order to create virtual spaces for both consumers and businesses Teams he announced that he would create a metaverse in it. In the future the metaverse it is obvious that companies that have achieved success in their field can survive, Microsoft has seen this coming and announced its new plan for Teams early on.

Microsoft and the Metaverse

Microsoft Mesh it is a mixed reality platform and coming soon Teams it will work integrated with. Animated avatars thanks to it, everyone will be able dec attend meetings as if they were together. It is estimated that in the first half of 2022, Microsoft will release this innovation.

General manager of Microsoft Teams Nicole Herskowitz, In an interview with The Verge, he stated:

“After spending no more than 30 or 40 minutes in a meeting, it was very difficult to keep busy and focused. Microsoft aims to reduce the cognitive overload of having to make video calls all day long thanks to Mesh”.

For 3D avatars used on Teams VR and you won’t have to wear glasses. In fact, thanks to the smart lenses that are still being R&Dec by different companies, there may not be a need for giant VR glasses in the future.

Teams Will Develop with a Focus on the Metaverse

With the pandemic, his business life was compulsorily moved to homes. We have seen that we can work at home even more efficiently than at work. The convenience and practicality of the house allowed us to easily get used to it. Teams with the pandemic, it is a platform that corporate companies use heavily. Business meetings, presentations and many other things are being held through this application.

But you may not want to attend a meeting at home by turning on your camera all the time. There could be many reasons for this. Teamswith this innovation, the new 3-D avatars you will be at the meeting with both your voice and your image. The only difference is that the face that appears on the screen will belong to an animation.

Microsoft will use artificial intelligence to listen to your voice. According to your speeches, your avatar will be revived. In fact, your avatar will even raise his hand and ask for a say when he gets there. This looks like a novelty that ladies who work at home will especially like.

What about the fact that you own your 3D avatars NFTif you have the opportunity to replace it with? This, of course, NFT it will cause a new boom in the sunday. The future will come with the support of giant companies The Metaverse it continues to take shape on it.

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