Metaverse Wars: The Sandbox (SAND)? Decentraland?


If you are closely monitoring the crypto currency markets, you have recently seen that metaverse projects and metaverse coins have gained serious popularity. Among these projects, two of them attract special attention. dec. The popular crypto Youtube channel Altcoin Buzz also compares these two platforms. Well, in your opinion Sandboxing (SAND) or Decentraland (MANA) will Mi be the winner of the metaverse ecosystem?

9-Criteria Evaluation

The analyst evaluates these two projects on 9 criteria, and it seems that the first criterion is wallet compatibility. From this point of view, Altcoin Buzz means that Decentraland is clearly outperforming the Sandbox. Although users can use any ERC-20 wallet on the market for both projects, Decentraland recently announced that they have created a hyperlink with Walletconnect that allows Polygon users to use the project as well.

The second criterion is scalability… Both projects Ethereum because it is built on top of the blockchain, scalability capacities are limited due to high gas fees and unstable tokens. This Decentraland also The Sandbox it causes insufficient scalability capacity to adapt to mass adoption.

The next place in the list is occupied by the management element. At this point, the analyst emphasizes that the management mechanism in both projects has very similar functions. However, since Decentraland has a more structured voting platform, it seems to be taking a step forward again.

Development Teams and Land Purchases

In terms of development teams, the comparison shows that Decentraland has a security advisory board (SAB) that acts as a guarantor of smart contract security, while its team has only three members. As for the Sandbox, there are five members and five consultants in the core team, which means that the Sandbox team has more opportunities to have better developments.

The fifth criterion in the list is the purchase of land. According to the analyst, the Sandbox takes a step forward at this point. Because the user is offered more and more alternatives to purchase land in both OpenSea and the Sandbox Marketplace. Users in Decentraland can only make purchases through the Decentraland Marketplace.

Other Factors

According to analysts, the next factor, the platform also constantly developing new features every two Metaverse developments, despite the sandbox Ethereum than 100 times less energy to use Polygon Layer 2 switching is regarded as a critical platform for the development of NFT. Therefore, the Sandbox also stands out one step further here.

As for partnerships, Decentraland’s partnerships so far are only Cyberpunk, Polygon and it’s limited to Atari. On the other hand, the Sandbox, OpenSea, The Walking Dead, Atari, Binance, Snoop Dog, Crypto Kitties, etc. it has provided much more prestigious partnerships with.

The eighth factor comes across as platform access. Since the Sandbox offers users more accessible alternatives, including through an email, a social media account, Gmail or Metamask, the Sandbox is again gaining this criterion.

The last place in the list is occupied by token development. According to the analysis of Altcoin Buzz, the Sandbox is winning decisively on this factor because the token it offers optimized features to the metaverse with much more being done than development.

Therefore, in comparison with the Altcoin Buzz thinks that The Sandbox has overtaken Decentraland, at least for the time being.

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