Metaverse, NFT and Play To Earn Are Getting Involved in the Traditional Playground: Cryowar


Recently, I have been studying in detail the projects that I like, have invested in, or consider worth investing in. In this article, again, one of the most important areas of the last period is the metaverse’U and play to earnI will tell you about Cryowar, which decoupled the . But at this point, there is a point that everyone who reads the article should not forget and that we express at every opportunity: Before investing, definitely do your own research, browse whitepapers and manage your investments in amounts that will not plant a fig tree on your january, so to speak, when you lose, regardless of the project. I also need to mention that this article is not an advertising text, I am only researching it out of curiosity and it does not contain any advice in any way..

Cryowar What Is It?

First of all, I would like to note that I am not a computer gamer. The last computer game I played was SimCity… so I haven’t played any computer games, console games, or even a proper board game in about 15 years. Also, I don’t even play games that everyone on phones plays to distract me… but I’m excited about this project, and maybe when the game starts playing years later, I might also want to participate in the game as a beginner. So, what excites me?

Firstly, I have been seriously interested in the metaverse for the last few months and I have been following projects in this field with interest. Also recently NFTAnother point that interested me was that the ’s are also moving forward in tandem with the metaverse, and that this project is also involving NFTs.

Let “What is Cryowar?” the question… Cryowar, it is a real-time PVP game based on DEC Solana ecosystem that combines traditional gameplay and NFTs, metaverse and play to earn. In the game, players will fight in a science fiction medieval world. For this reason, it is believed that the level of excitement will also be high. In addition, Cryowar will be able to be played on both computers, tablets and phones. This is one of the most important advantages of the game in my presence.

In addition, the Cryowar team aims to design a long-term, stable and october evolving gaming environment and token economy. Dec this, they want to create a space where both players, developers and investors can be together. At this point, in the statements made in the whitepaper, “Our game creates a multi-blockchain Sci-Fi metaverse, where developers, investors and gamers can all contribute to creating additional layers, features, modes and content together and explore the endless possibilities of human imagination, not limited to october.” his words are being used.

In addition to these, Cryowar also october me with the short duration of its games. According to the statements made, the games are between 3 minutes and 30 minutes and thus it is aimed to create a fun and constantly flowing game ecosystem that does not decimate the excitement.

The Story of Cryowar

Although I don’t play games, I think the story of the game is one of the most important factors that attracts players. Because if I wanted to play a game myself, I think I’d be curious about the story. And the story of Cryowar literally immerses you in it. I want to tell you about this place in a little fairy-tale language 🙂

Since the beginning of time Solariance world, the struggle for dominance in an epic four… ice was ruled by the God is the God of Sullr (people Nastra manager), the shadow of God Senemeer (Darakavan people manager), lavade the fire storm god (Faragoan people manager) and Vigo, which is the God of the Desert (Akava people manager)…

The Greeks were sacrificing their lands, resources, loved ones and their lives to protect their kingdom and win the grace of their Gods, and during this period the world was also on the verge of collapse. The wars that lasted for ages finally ended with the Armistice of Akava.

The four Gods, tired of fighting, ascended to the celestial kingdoms, and so, finally, the people of Solariance began to live in peace. But the truce was also forgotten when, 10,000 years later, the great prophecies of Nastra and Akava mysteriously disappeared. There were even rumors that the Vigolar had ordered the abdication of the oracles, and thus the Darakavan Valkyries gained more power.

Shortly after all these events, the day came when there were earthquakes and the sky was falling apart… Sullr and Vigos woke up from their sleep and went down to Solaria to avenge the deaths of their highest servant. While terror was raining down on Faragoan’s kingdom, Sanameer and Lavaden returned from the Astral Plan to confront them. Thus, the truce became null and void, and this was described as a harbinger of wars…

It’s like watching a sci-fi movie… I think it’s even more exciting to be able to play this sci-fi movie.

Here it is also necessary to mention the heroes of the game. At the moment it seems that there are 3 main heroes in the game: Heavy, Valkyrie and Centurion.

  • Heavy: A walking fortress with unprecedented strength and determination, combining ancient tactics with the destructive firepower of the Gods.
  • Valkyrie: Takes its name from the legendary spirits that carry the souls of deceased warriors to the afterlife. With its lightning-fast dance-like movements, it brings enemies closer to its sharp blades.
  • Centurion: A holy warrior skilled in both sword and weapon. Centurion uses the technology of the Gods to defeat all enemies in an accurate burst of fire.

The Importance of NFTs and Solana

Although in traditional games, players had items, items, or heroes, they actually didn’t really have them. Therefore, no matter how much effort you put in, the things you earned in the games remained virtual. According to the statements made, the elements in the game will be in the form of NFT. For this reason, thanks to NFTs, players will actually get the right to actually own the items.

In addition, the fact that the game is based on Solana will allow transactions to occur much faster and make free sunday place transactions possible. As is known, Solana has made very important developments, especially in 2021, and many new platforms prefer to use the Solana blockchain.

In addition, token october is also very important in these types of games, and even if you don’t play the game with the correct management of the token economy, you can make a profit with token investment. Therefore, at this point, it is important to look at Cryowar’s token economy to evaluate the project

Token Economy

CWAR is the crypto currency that forms the overall economy of Cryowar and will also be used in management. The total supply of CWAR will be 1,000,000,000, and these tokens will be pre-printed to facilitate sustainability. According to Whitepaper, CWAR will be used for in-game use, stability, staking, yield farming, management and as a change tool. The main thing here is that there are tokens that will be locked, and these tokens have a really significant amount. Because this situation has the property of bringing with it a deflationary structure.

According to Whitepaper, 90% of the tokens sold in seed round will be locked for 24 months, 90% of the tokens sold in private round will be locked for 20 months, and 80% of the tokens sold in public sale will be locked for 6 months. October addition, all CWARS allocated to the team will be locked for 9 months, all CWARS allocated to advertising will be locked for 9 months, and all CWARS allocated to marketing will be locked for 3 months. Therefore, until the project has come a significant way, which, judging by the roadmaps, it seems that the project is planning a very rapid progress, a significant part of the tokens will be locked.

In addition, the fact that burning and staking also exist in CWAR has the property of supporting the deflationary situation. Besides these, the listing of CWAR on the major stock exchange at the moment has not yet arrived. You can currently use Kucoin, MEXC and Raydium to get CWAR.

Roadmap and Teamwork

Looking at the roadmap of the project, it seems that work has actually been underway on it for 3 years. in the second quarter of 2021, it can be stated that the team was formed, the legal processes were completed and the platform was created. the project, which realized seed round and private round sales in the third quarter of 2021, has also started to announce its new partnerships.

the public sale of Cryowar was also recently completed in the last quarter of 2021. before the end of 2021, the team aims to launch NFTs, token staking and burning, that is, the burning mechanism.

in the first quarter of 2022, the project lists many goals, such as officially introducing the platform to users, making smart contract upgrades, and DAO integration. Also 1. The Cryowar online tournament is also scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2022.

October Addition to all this, the fact that there is no anonymous team behind the project and that this team consists of professional names in its field allows me to add another plus to Cryowar’s household. There are many professionals in the team who have at least 9 years of experience. Also among the partners of the project are very important names such as Alameda Research, Polygon Studio, Ill Decium, Bitwspawn and Waggle.

My Thoughts

Looking at all this information, Cryowar is seen as a project that excites people on the one hand and gives them confidence on the other. Although the game has not been made available yet, it can be stated that it also has great supporters on the social media side. For this reason, I think that there will be an ecosystem where especially game enthusiasts can follow and enjoy their time.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, before taking any investment steps, be sure to study the project independently of this article, review its graphs, and then take steps.

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