MetaMask Has Taken Action For Institutional Investors!


The interest of institutional investors in crypto currencies is growing every day. However, the prospect of an ETF that can be approved by the SEC is also rising. DeFi in order to attract more institutional investors to the MetaMask cryptocurrency ecosystem, which has a platform and wallet, three companies have made an agreement. The agreement announced today MetaMask it was announced by.

MetaMask is the New Deal

BitGo, Qredo and CactusCustom MetaMask, which announced its partnership with, wants to open the corporate fashion show sunday to institutional investors. MetaMaskConsenSys, the Ethereum developer behind the, introduced MetaMask Institutional in May. When asked how MetaMask Corporate works in conjunction with existing product functions, a company official said the following.

“MetaMask Corporate, MetaMask it has the same functions as the. EVM works harmoniously. It offers many features such as crypto currency trading, staking, lending. We want to bring corporate investors together with DeCi ecosystem”.

The main difference between MetaMask Enterprise and the company’s main browser and wallet extension is dec the private keys are stored.

The Difference between MetaMask and Corporate

With a hardware wallet MetaMask private keys are stored in the extension unless you match your account. However, MetaMask has enterprise SDK and API features. In this way, organizations can store their private keys themselves. For those who don’t know, the SDK software development kit and API the application is dec programming interface. For example, with the Android SDK, you can develop applications for the Google Play store. Of course, when developing the application THE SDK you need to use Android libraries and APIs in it. In other words, institutionalized MetaMask a development universe has been created for it.

Decentralized finance has reached a stake size of about $ 195 billion. The amount of stake (capital lock for reward), which has increased by about 1000% compared to last year, shows how fast this sunday is growing.

Of course, the growth of the DeFi ecosystem is primarily MetaMask it also worked for many pioneers. Applications that have gained a large number of new users continue to grow together with the ecosystem. According to the data for August MetaMask it has exceeded 10 million active users, which is a really great rate of 10% considering that there are roughly 100 million crypto currency investors. The number of MetaMask users has increased by almost 2000% this year.

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