Meme Coins Became the Performance Stars of October! Here are the Top Earners of the Past Month


Popular breast coin‘s managed to make big gains in the crypto currency market in October. According to CMC data, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are among the top dec0 crypto currencies in the market valuation while recording record highs.

Meme Tokens Have Become the Ascenders of the Market

If we consider dog-themed currencies, then Shiba Inu she became the star of October. SHIB gained a market capitalization of $ 765 billion in October, an increase of 10%, and managed to become the best-performing crypto currency in the reports. As of now, Dogecoin killer has a market capitalization of $38 billion and is ahead of DOGE.

Last Thursday is the day Dogecoin August October closed with a market capitalization of $ 36 billion, while reaching its highest level since August 20. The leading crypto currency Bitcoin recorded an increase of 40%, which is its best monthly performance since December 2020.

The Crypto Coins That Recorded the Most Increases

DEC October, according to Coindesk data, MATIC was the highest performing crypto currency with an increase of 56% among the top performing crypto currencies. Polkadot increased by 36% and Ethereum it is up 30%. On the other hand, crypto analyst Denis Vinokourov attributed Polygon’s increase in October to the explosion of the metaverse current. While the Metaverse is a pretty popular area right now Decentraland MANA, the local token of its platform, managed to reach an all-time high on October 31.

That being said Cardano (ADA) experienced a 13% decrease in October. Ethereum competitor Cardano provided smart contract integration with the Alonzo upgrade in early September. Vinokourov said that despite the progress made by Cardano, he remained in the background.

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