Major Projects Are Already Taking Their Place in the Bloktopia Skyscraper! Bloktopia Who Is In?


Bloktopia, he is among the projects dec have made his name in the metaverse universe. The Metaverse ecosystem is still very new, but there will probably be many projects coming out, some of these projects will survive with the support of strong names and strong infrastructure, while we will see that many projects are buried in the dusty pages of history. With the steps it has taken, Bloktopia shows that it plans to be in our lives in the future.

Those Who Took Their Place in the Bloktopia Skyscraper

Bloktopia is building a skyscraper in the metaverse universe and stating that important names from the crypto sector will be located in this skyscraper. It seems that this goal of Bloktopia is being realized step by step.

Important names of the crypto currency ecosystem have started to take their place in the Bloktopia skyscraper. Important projects that currently have an office in Bloktopia are Travala, Avalanche, Elrond Network, CoinMarketCap and Kucoin.

According to the information shared, Travala was the first project to have an office in Bloktopia. Travala announced on Twitter about this issue that they celebrated having an office in Bloktopia with the NFT lottery.

Avalanche is the entrance to the metaverse universe, “Avalanche launches a digital space in Bloktopia and enters the metaverse universe. In Bloktopia, NFTs called REBLOKS generate income through lease agreements and typical asset appreciation.” he explained it with words.

CoinMarketCap and KuCoin

The inclusion of CoinMarketCap (CMC) in the Bloktopia universe has made a lot of noise. Because the owner of the CMC is also BinanceChangpeng Zhao, who also owns … For this reason, it is believed that the BLOCK, the platform’s crypto currency, has a fairly good chance of being listed on Binance.

In addition, Kucoin, which was one of the first to list BLOCK transactions, is now october in the Bloktopia skyscraper. Stock exchange, Bloktopia he announced that he had set up a meta-office in his universe, and “See you in the Metaverse” he said that they are glad to be in this ecosystem.

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