Kraken Has Not Kept Its Promise to List Shiba Inu: SHIB Army Has Kept the Leading Stock Exchange on the Ball


It is the fifth largest crypto currency exchange in the world in terms of trading volume Kraken, had recently been brought up with the news of the Shiba Inu listing. In a tweet posted on November 1, Kraken told its users Shiba Inu he had conveyed the important development about him.

Kraken Postpones Shiba Inu Listing

Kraken, via Twitter on November 1 Shiba Inu he announced that he would list the popular crypto currency the next day if his post received 2,000 likes. This step of the exchange was proof that the news of listing was finalized, because such funny figures as 2,000 likes were quickly passed on. Shiba Army although he fulfilled his duty, Kraken did not keep his word.

The statement made today is Kraken, noting that the listing process was being reviewed. The Shiba community showered Kraken, which did not make the listing, with comments. The full part of Kraken’s statement was as follows:

Shiba Army, we’ve heard you loud and clear. The community is a very important part of our review process and you have shown your open support. Our reviews of the listing process are ongoing.

The Shiba Inu community was not satisfied with this statement. Shiba Army has continued its intensive requests to Kraken for the listing to be realized as soon as possible. However, some users said that if the listing does not occur, they will delete their accounts on the leading exchange.

The Market Continues Its Rise

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, the market’s course continues in an upward direction while maintaining an upward trend. Shiba Inu has increased by more than 700% in the last month. Erasing two zeros from the price SHIB, it set an all-time high of $0.0000884. SHIB is currently trading at $0.0000665, 25% below the ATH level.

Breast coin Shiba Inu, who left Bitcoin behind with his transaction volume during the peak of his interest, is losing interest in it these days. The decline in Shiba Inu network transactions indicates that interest and funds are being distributed to other meme coins.

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