It is Expected that These 4 Crypto Currencies Will Experience a Very Large Increase in 2022!


Especially recently GameFi, We have witnessed very serious increases in DeFi, metaverse and game tokens. Analysts say that in 2022 there will be continued increases in tokens in this and different fields, and they share the tokens that should be followed next year. These 4 crypto currencies are expected to make the face of their investor laugh in 2022.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity the token of the blockchain game has been attracting the attention of users for a long time. The Play-2-Earn style game based on the Pokemon cartoon anime is already on the radar of many gaming enthusiasts all over the world. For this reason, the platform’s token is AXS and he’s breaking records on records. We can state that the current record level of AXS is $ 164, and it was seen on October 29.

Experts believe that the heyday of the GameFi sector will be in 2022. For this reason, they say that we may see records in the AXS price in the next few months.

Another crypto currency that is thought to experience serious increases in the GameFi sector in 2022 TFL. Holding True Group, a large iGaming developer, comes across as the name behind TFL. As part of this eco-system, the team will launch Play-2-Earn events and the NFT sunday. The team is also working on its own metaverse and crypto wallet for the gaming industry.

It is noteworthy that at this point the Holding True Group has a huge experience in iGaming in the gaming industry. The updated site with the new token will be launched in November this year. That is why investors and users are following the TFL news and waiting for the official announcement.


The promising and quite closely followed Celo offers simple and affordable solutions for smartphone owners to use the crypto currency. The ecosystem function makes crypto payments instant and barrier-free by using phone numbers as public keys.

Adapted to the PoS algorithm, the local CELO its token is used as an internal payment instrument for paying transaction fees and platform services. In addition, the company plans to issue several suitable stablecoins. According to the developers, the Celo ecosystem will be especially important in countries with an underdeveloped banking system.


Avalanche it is characterized as one of the most promising projects in blockchain technologies.  The platform has a cryptocurrency focused on solving the problem of network scalability and lower transaction fee payments. The company has already developed three blockchains to replace the AVAX token with other cryptocurrencies with virtually no commission. Avalanche plans to develop and implement algorithms that will infinitely scale existing blockchains in the future.

As for the AVAX token, it is used primarily as a means of payment for paying commissions and fees within the platform. Due to the company’s ambitious plans, investors are buying a large amount of tokens, thinking that prices will rise quickly. If Avalanche can realize all the plans, the value of the crypto currency may record serious increases as expected next year.

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