It can Rise 1000 Percent! Jay Freed Has Announced the Best Metaverse Altcoins!


Popular analyst Jay Freed announced his own favorites as altcoins prepare for major rallies. As you know, the last step taken by Facebook has created a great demand in the metaverse field. Bitcoin (BTC) is consolidating above $60,000, while altcoins are taking bullish opportunities. So which are the 3 favorite altcoins focused on the metaverse shared by Freed?


First in the list, Ethereum network-based geolocation ARE and VR which is a platform for experiences OVR is taking place. OVR, which allows to create hosting and visualization of AR and VR content with mobile geolocation. dec.

“OVR is a digital layer that covers the entire world. OVRLands it consists of 1.6 trillion unique zones called. Plots can be purchased from the system by auction, and then bought, sold or rented dec a decentralized way”.

At this point the project is a bit MEANINGit resembles the . Jay Freed points out that the project has many uses.

  • Game
  • Live events
  • Sales
  • Avatars
  • Virtual tourism

Of course, the possibilities offered by the system are not limited to these.

“This opens up dec new opportunities in providing AR experiences that were not technically possible before. You can position assets indoors and on multiple floors. So far, no project has achieved this much”.

For those who do not know, AR can be deciphered as augmented reality. VR and it is used as an abbreviation of virtual reality.

Kalao (KLO)

In order Kalao (KLO) there is. Kalao provides a framework that accelerates the adoption of VR technology to develop virtual worlds and drive the digital transformation of business use cases. Different analysts had also recently shared this project with their followers. Either the project is very good or they have a very strong advertising budget.

Freed says that the project is supported by the Avalanche blockchain. He also warns his followers that the advanced multiplayer mode will be launched before the end of 2021.

Ultra (UOS)

Blockchain it is a computer-based game distribution platform. Players can buy and play games and re-open the games they have experienced for sale. Ultra (UOS) it promises its participants an ecosystem where they can earn money.

The platform, which is also available to game developers, offers them a fairer revenue stream. Offering all technologies, including SDKs, over the blockchain Ultra (UOS) he wants to bring both players and developers into his community.

With a total supply of 1 billion Ultra (UOS) it finds buyers from $ 0.99.

Disclaimer Of Liability: The information contained in this article absolutely does not contain investment advice. Investors should be aware that crypto currencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and they should conduct their transactions in accordance with their own research.
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