Is There a Reality of Their Season in the Crypto Markets? How Are the Seasons Formed?


We often hear this concept no matter how you express the season or season. So can we determine the clear december intervals for Bitcoin (BTC) that we can call black winter or summer? Or with what data do those who use such concepts confirm this?

The Concept of Bitcoin (BTC) Season

We are always in the middle of the “Bitcoin” season when we are trying to keep the price above $60,000. It is claimed that the current period is pregnant with even greater ups and downs, and Bitcoin will make a new historical peak.

Bitcoin(BTC) the period referred to as the season is when altcoins are usually under pressure and BTC’it represents the time intervals during which december continues its rise. So do experts agree with the concept of this season?

Kadan Stadelmann, Komodo’s chief technology officer, explains his views as follows.

“The corporate capital that enters the game is the leader of the market Bitcoin (BTC), making a safer investment with. This orientation is triggered because BTC is less risky. It is clear that the big whales have seen this demand and are fueling the fire”.

So, according to him, the concept of the season is more supported by a psychological orientation and is real.

Ross Middleton, chief financial officer of DeversiFi, is Bitcoin (BTC) from those who believe that its rise has undergone an escape from altcoins and is therefore more supported. So triggering the ascent allows the flock to flow there. The hot money on the market is constantly traveling. Bitcoin (BTC), joke coins, DeFi and lastly The Metaverse money is shifting to such hype areas. Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs, argues for similar views with Ross.

Altcoin Season

Stadelmann thinks that their overall outlook for retail investors is quite different. The fact that individual investors are turning to options that are more risky and promise high profits is related to the size of the capital. Of course, the higher the earnings from here, the less volatility there is BTC, ETH he is shifting to such options.

Wes Levitt, head of strategy at Theta Labs, says:

“Different sectors in crypto (DeFi, NFT We are witnessing more detailed cycles dec Fan Token, etc.). I am excited that the capital entering crypto is entering into such more complex cycles”.

So according to this Bitcoin and Altcoin in fact, it is a fact that certain sectors create their own seasons. However, the concept of a season is being formed with increasing interest in this area, moreover, it does not have to last 3 months.

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