Is NFT For Art: The Situation Is Actually Not What It Seems!


Non-fungible token’s, or NFTs for short… is one of the most popular crypto currency areas of recent days, and there are still some misconceptions about NFTs. Although NFTs have gained popularity over works of art, in fact, their use is quite wide. How blockchain in the days when it first appeared, it was known only as a technology that Bitcoin and crypto currencies worked on, but then it turned out that it had many uses in many fields… we can say that there is a similar situation in NFTs right now.

Areas of Use of NFTs

Smart Contract, one of the important names of the Turkish crypto currency ecosystem, shared a beautiful flood at this point with the name we know on Twitter. I also wanted to compile this for you. Come on “Where can NFTs be used?” let’s take a look at the answer to the question

NFTs can be used in many areas, from real estate to gaming, from art to sports, from music to domain names and in the retail sector. The use of Smart Contract NFTs in the real estate field, “NFT provides an opportunity to efficiently determine the terrain or a physical area. Real estate tokenization is an innovation that guarantees investment security in many ways. The application of NFT in real estate has paved the way for new ideas and use cases such as the metaverse.” he explains it in words.

In addition, recently we have been seeing that the gaming october is also increasingly becoming interested in NFT. At this point, Smart Contract suggests that with NFTs, games can be made more interesting, characters and many other things NFT it refers to the fact that it can be purchased as. In fact, in this way, players can ensure that their characters have real value and buy and sell them in real life.

Domain Names and Retail Industry

Recently, NFTs have also been used to determine the ownership of domain names. For example; I Ethereu Name Service, has taken an important step in this regard and has recently made great noise. Smart Contract explains this move as follows:

A correct domain name is very important for making a business successful, and when the domain name is finalized, the whole business develops around it. Tokenization of the domain name has become a form of protecting a domain, and this is possible through the NFT.

In addition to these, the retail sector has already october included in the NFT sector. Giant names such as Nike and Mc Donalds are taking their place in the NFT sector. Even recently, a beer company abroad added a QR code on its packaging that can mint NFTs, that is, create an NFT. So you can mint NFT after drinking your drink.

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