Is It Possible to Predict the Price of Crypto Currencies with Astrology? Let’s Try the Firsts with Ethereum (ETH)!


The crypto currency markets soon retreated from $ 3 trillion to $ 2.2 trillion. Although the size of the losses experienced has reached serious levels, Bitcoin seems to have stopped for now. The price of which drops to $ 55,000 BTC, it has rebounded to the 58,000 support zone. However, it cannot be permanent in this region at the time of writing. So will the Ethereum price, which has loosened below $ 4,000, be able to exceed $4,500 again?

Astrology Cryptocurrency Markets

In times of uncertainty, people rely on foretellers to predict the future course of action. Since the market is currently at an unstable crossroads, Ethereumwe consider all the metrics that will help us to measure the future of . Even Astrology and he got involved in it. In a recent article, it was reported that financial astrology astronomy it was emphasized that there is nothing more than mathematical psychology based on its science. There is no celestial body that will help us in this matter better than the moon.

Assets usually tend to perform well in one particular Lunar phase and are more prone to decline in another. The phases of the moon can be trusted to some extent, but they are not always very accurate.

TradingView’s Moon Phases indicator shows the phases of the moon on the chart. A dark circle usually represents the full moon, and a bright circle represents a new moon. Full moon and new moons the bars between them are decolored accordingly. If you look closely at the graph, an interesting pattern can be deciphered. The two weeks following any bright white circle shown on the chart have, for the most part, been in decline. Alike, Ethereumwhenever the price of the stepped into the yellow spots on the chart, the price mostly witnessed a rally.

Is It Good News For Ethereum?

November 19 is the full moon day and Ethereumthe price of is set to enter the “growth” stage. In fact, the candle was green at the time of writing, and yesilmaz Ethereum it was trading very close to its daily high. During the summer period The price of Ethereum it finds buyers at $ 4,250, and its daily peak is $ 4,278.

It is a great development that the price has not moved away from the 4.000 support despite the extreme turbulence. However, if we encounter an ETH price above $ 4,400, the bulls will find serious support in the short term. The price of Ethereum an increase of more than $4,500 completely eliminates the downward trend. Astrology and technical data are optimistic for now, look back Ethereum it remains to monitor its price.

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