Important Partnership from Rare and Adobe!


Software giant Adobe connects social media profiles and crypto wallet addresses by non-fungible token (NFT) is working on a system where its creators can prove that they are the artists behind the works.

Rare and Adobe Partnership

Tuesday Sunday’s announcement of the NFT market place With rarib, it said it would partner with Adobe to allow token creators to view the software company’s content credentials to verify the authenticity of digital content. Adobeaccording to this feature NFT it will add the creator’s wallet address and social media information to the content credentials of the tokens listed on Rare. In this way, it will be possible to determine who the content belongs to and eliminate false information.

As a member of Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative, together with the BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft and Nikon, Rare will apparently also allow NFT creators to remain anonymous and use their own names, that is, credentials.

At this point, anonymity may be important for some people. For example, the identity of the buyer behind the $69 million Beeple NFT purchase in March was kept secret until he revealed who he was.

Growing Rarible

According to data from DappRadar, Rare is the eighth largest by daily trading volume The NFT sundayit is. However, the platform’s trading volume has seen a significant decline since reaching $ 2.5 million in April.

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