How to Buy Vulcan Forged PYR Coin?


Vulcan Forged PYR Coin is the local presence of Vulcan Forged, a game studio dedicated to NFT games. PYR Coin performs many functions, from in-game purchases to registration fees.

What is Vulcan Forged PYR (PYR)?

Vulcan Forged PYR (PYR) is a game studio dedicated to NFT games based on Ethereum and Polygon. Among the series of games on dec platform, VulcanVerse and Berserk are the two main games of the project. PYR is a local crypto currency service that allows users to purchase NFTs from the in-game sunday, participate in their events and pay registration fees.

In addition, Vulcan Forged october of 30 core members spread across Greece, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. Headquartered in Athens, Greece, it is managed by CEO Jamie Thomson as part of 9 companies. On the other hand, Vulcan Forged, designed as a gaming experience, an easy-to-build ecosystem, is a huge NFT sunday for buying and selling community-based assets that support the development of world-class blockchain games by supporting developers through their programs and crowdfunding.

The entire ecosystem is powered by its own PYR payments, staking and service token. The ERC-20 compliant PYR is a cross-platform currency dec can be used in games that are part of the Vulcan Forget ecosystem.

Where to Buy PYR Coin?

PYR Coin can be bought and sold safely on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume. Vulcan Forged PYR Coin is traded on the Binance platform in the pairs PYR/BTC, PYR/USDT and PYR/BUSD. PYR Coin is trading at $41.97 at the time of this guide.

In order to buy PYR, you must first become a member of the Binance exchange. Upon completion of the membership, crypto currency or fiat currency must be transferred to the Binance passbook. After the completion of the transfer, you can purchase PYR Coins from all three pairs mentioned above. To purchase from the PYR/USDT trading pair, you must first go to the interface of this pair. In the PYR/USDT interface, the desired amount to be purchased is entered in the field specified on the limit tab. After specifying the amount, the purchase is made using the Buy PYR order.

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