How to Buy BinaryX Coin?


BinaryX (BNZ) Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Cyber Dragon gaming platform. BNX Coin users benefit from services such as transportation to special sections within the game, special equipment payments.

What is BinaryX (BNZ) Coin?

Cyber Dragon is a gaming platform powered by a play-win concept based on Binance Smart Chain. This game is supported by BinaryX. Players can create characters, collect rare equipment, and challenge Dungeon. The last part is to defeat the boss Cyber Dragon. A hero defeats a dragon and gets the treasure house rewards.

BNX is the management token of Cyber Dragon. BNX token holders can participate in community management and have voting rights in important game decisions. There are some important situations of the game, the requirement to use BNX tokens to create heroes, to create rare equipment, to challenge the Cyber Dragon dungeon or some high-level dungeons.

The BinaryX team is an international team, and members participate in development from many countries, including senior technical personnel in the blockchain industry. A team of experts in the field is working on the development of the best centralized trading platforms and decentralized chain projects.

Where to Buy BNX Coin?

BinaryX Coin can be bought and sold safely on Binance, the world’s largest crypto currency exchange in terms of transaction volume. BNX Coin is traded on the Binance platform in the pairs BNX/BTC, BNX/BNB, BNX/USDT and BNX/BUSD. BinaryX Coin is trading at $124 at the time of this guide.

In order to buy BinaryX Coins, you must first become a member of the Binance exchange. Upon completion of the membership, crypto currency or fiat currency must be transferred to the Binance passbook. Upon completion of the transfer, you can purchase BNX Coins from all four pairs mentioned above. To purchase from the BNX/USDT trading pair, you must first go to the interface of this pair. In the BNX/USDT interface, the desired amount to be purchased is entered in the field specified on the limit tab. After specifying the amount, the purchase is made using the BNX Buy order.

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