Hot Hours at Chiliz: CEO Dreyfus Announces That Development


Socios continues to make significant achievements in the field of sports. Developed for football fans, Socios offers fans the chance to influence decisions in their teams by selling “fan tokens”. Socios has recently made a lot of mention of its name with a number of major partnerships and continues to do so. So Socios x Chiliz the number of wallets in its ecosystem has approached 1 million.

1 Million Wallets

A cryptocurrency focused on the sports sector, aimed at digitizing sports and entertainment ChilizCEO of (CHZ) Alexandre Dreyfus, He noted that the number of wallets in the Socios x Chiliz ecosystem is approaching 1 million.

Dreyfus said it was a good time to burn some CHZ while noting that an important milestone was being approached with his sharing via Twitter. Dreyfus shared the following statements on Twitter;
“The Chiliz x Socios Blockchain ecosystem will reach the wallets of 1 million users this week. A little $CHZ it seems like a good time to burn it.”

Along with the fact that football clubs are turning to this area Socios, which provides millions of participants to the ecosystem through a deal it just made. Given that Juventus alone has 20 million fans, you can calculate how much the sports-oriented fan token sector can grow.

The Price of Chiliz Has Increased

After the share made by the CEO of Chiliz Chiliz (CHZ) the price has increased. The popular cryptocurrency rose sharply after the announcement, rising above $ 0.44.

The popular cryptocurrency continues to trade at the level of 0.4414 dollars, which, according to CoinMarketCap data, has increased by 6% in the last 24 hours as of the time the content was prepared.

What is Chiliz?

Chiliz, is an attempt to transform the passive relationship between sports, sports clubs, and global fan bases through tok decization. founded in Malta in 2018, the company’s goal was to provide millions of sports and e-sports fans with a token that would allow them to purchase a tokenized share of influence in their favorite sports or e-sports clubs.

In other words, it is a fan engagement platform that allows you to influence certain decisions made by your favorite team. The official Medium channel, according to toke chz and sports tokenizasyon for a digital currency and Token Swap fans and fan club, you can buy branded-oriented, where the world’s first scalable and can vote in polls polls and fan interaction award application’ reinforces. .

CHZ is a consumer-oriented platform where fans can use Fan Tokens to participate in surveys and be rewarded through active participation is the crypto currency of.

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