He Is Not Mistaken in His predictions: The Famous Crypto Currency Analyst “Underlined” the Two Altcoins


The famous crypto currency analyst who is followed by hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter Josh Rager, he thinks that some altcoins can get a significant rise again when the panic that has ravaged the crypto currency market is over.

MATIC and LINK, Can Recover Quickly

Rager thinks that the panic in the crypto currency sector will end in the near term, and especially emphasizes that Layer 2-based projects are one of the crypto currencies that can rise the fastest when the panic ends. Of course, the first crypto currency project that comes to mind when it comes to the recent rise and Layer 2 is the following Polygon (MATIC) as is well known.

MATIC had quickly risen to its former level by the end of the week, when the Bitcoin price declined from $44,000 to $30,000. Now Rager thinks that history will repeat itself and that the interest in Layer 2 solutions will remain alive. According to Rager, in addition to Layer 2-focused MATIC, the other crypto currency project that can achieve a rise is Chainlink (LINK).

Rager, Pay Attention to These 2 Altcoins

The analyst said that before the end of the bearish week, which will be described as a nightmare, he wants to be exposed to the price movements of MATIC and LINK in the current market. The analyst noted that both of them have shown strength before, and this duo is also among the fastest to recover from the decelerations.

The analyst emphasized that he did not recommend the two crypto currencies, which reached a commercial volume of $ 5.5 billion and $ 3.5 billion within 24 hours, only for “pump and dump” against the critical comments that followed. Stating that these two crypto currencies are already one of the “solid” projects of the sector, Rager thinks that the rise is inevitable.

The Cryptocurrency Market Is Recovering

Considering the recent situation of the Chainlink price, it can be said that Rager was right. LINK has risen by 6% in the last 24 hours and managed to reach a 22% rise on the 7-day chart. On the other hand, the recovery of MATIC, which is two places below this, has been much faster and harder.

MATIC has gained 10% in the last 24 hours and managed to close its 1-week chart with a 60% rise. Of course, the effect of Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency in this recovery, rising by 2.7% in 24 hours is also great. BTC price it seems that it has ended its decline on the weekends, when liquidity has decreased a lot, for the time being.

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