Good News to Shiba Inu Investors: Why is the Date of February 14 Important?


Bigger Entertainment owner Steven Cooper announced that they will be holding a Shiba Inu cremation party on Valentine’s Day this year, February 14. Cooper, SHIB he gave the gospel to his community on February 14.

The Plan of the Burning Party

Steven Cooper, one of the biggest supporters of the Shiba Inu incineration mechanism, plans to burn one billion SHIB tokens at the announced party. Cooper communicated his method via Twitter in order to achieve the goal. SHIB if the price remains within the current december, Cooper said that only 5,600 people will be enough to donate $5 to make the burning party a success.

Bigger Entertainment, SHIB it launched its cremation campaigns less than three months ago. The mission behind these campaigns is to drive the SHIB price higher. Burning parties and other campaigns continue to be broadcast on Bigger Entertainment. Earlier, on January 7, the company reached the important milestone of burning 1 million tokens.

Bigger Entertainment’s burning mechanism was created when people listened to music playlists created by the company. According to the company, a music playlist now contains more than 600 songs. Between 20% and 100% of their royalties are burned depending on the project.

Another interesting fact about this campaign is that all the burning was confirmed by Shytoshi Kusama, one of the leading developers of SHIB. According to Shib Burn statistics, 3,765,784 SHIB tokens were burned in 2 transactions in the last 24 hours alone. In this way, from the initial supply of 1 quadrillion to today, the total 410.300.763.616.057 The SHIB token has been burned.

The Price of Shiba Inu

The popular meme token Shiba Inu is trying to attract the supply of giants to an acceptable level after their listing on the stock exchange. The SHIB price is trading at the level of 0.000028 dollars as of the moment of writing this article. The second most popular meme token in terms of market capitalization, SHIB, is located right behind its largest competitor Dogecoin.

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