From the CEO of Coinbase, The Remarkable NFT Announcement!


Coinbase, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the ecosystem in terms of trading volume, is preparing to launch its own NFT platform, while the company’s CEO Brian Armstrong made a number of assessments on the issue.

Coinbase CEO Shared His Thoughts On NFTs

Coinbase, which published its third-quarter financial results on Tuesday, carried out the exchange, most of which are Bitcoin and Ethereum crypto currency it reported revenue of $1.2 billion, driven by transaction fees on its unit purchases and sales.

Bloomberg reports that Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made a number of statements about the company’s NFT move at a conference on Tuesday. Armstrong, while noting the future potential, claimed that NFTs can be “bigger” than cryptocurrencies. Coinbase CEO made the following remarks about the issue:

“We are very excited for the NFTS. Today there is already a large NFTthe ‘s will occupy an even larger space in the future.”

Coinbase officially announced plans to launch its own NFT platform in mid-October. Just a few days after Coinbase announced its move to the NFT platform, the number of 1 million new users was registered on the exchange.

The Trading Volume of NFT Platforms Is on the Rise

Which is the largest NFT Marketplace in terms of transaction volume OpenSea, According to data from DappRadar, it has processed over $1.7 billion in transactions over the past 30 days. The total transaction volume of OpenSea, on the other hand, recently exceeded $ 10 billion, setting a new record. With the increasing popularity of NFT in 2021, NFT platforms began to record higher transaction volumes every day.

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