Following This Whale Decline, Shiba Inu (SHIB) Increased Its Assets


The dogecoin killer Shiba Inu (SHIB), it remains one of the cryptocurrencies on the whales’ radar. A whale address, following the downward course of the general market trend SHIB he turned the price drop into an opportunity.

Shiba Inu Transactions of Whales Are On the Rise

One whale bought 850 billion Shiba Inu, according to data from whale monitor WHALESTATS. The downward trend of the Shiba Inu price is driving investors away from the popular meme coin pursuit, while the intense interest of whales remains fresh. Shiba Inu had jumped up on November 19 and made a significant gain. But the leader Bitcoin the general market trend, especially the red one, pushed all altcoins down.

However, many memecoin, Shiba Inu he’s watching your movement. Floki Inu depreciated by 59% and Dogecoin by 35%. Shiba Inu is trading at the support zone 0.000043 dollar levels, which it built 20% behind the zone it reached on November 19. SHIB, it had reached an all-time high of $0.00008845 last month.

Whales Are Taking the Market Decline as an Opportunity

As the correction period continues in the crypto currency market, some whales are increasing their assets to assess the decline. A whale is worth $36 million following a recorded retreat at Shiba Inu SHIB he bought it. Shiba Inu whales decided to move their funds to stablecoins, while reducing more than 4% of their total assets. As for this whale, it can be said that it bought Shiba Inu through an OTC agreement or a private transaction for $ 36 million.

What gives power to meme coin expression Shiba Inu, attracts its investors with its upcoming projects. SHIB is pushing the top among the popular meme coin trending altcoins, while its volume has reached incredible dec.

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